Z-Wave Multi Button Device Suggestion?

I am looking for a multi button device which ideally could be wall mounted. The idea would be to initiate routines or perhaps toggle a device off/on. Does such a thing exist?

How about this one?

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@aruffell already gave you what is probably the best suggestion, but there are a number of other alternatives as well. See the button and remotes FAQ. This includes both handheld and wallmount models. :sunglasses:

This is a clickable link

Also, many people like to use a wallmount tablet or Wi-Fi phone for this, usually using the very popular SmartTiles dashboard app. Costs a bit more, but gives you a lot more functionality. You can also customize tile size and color.


There’s even a thread in the forum just for discussion of various customization and wallmount options:

So that’s another possibility to consider. :sunglasses:

Thank you to all those who posted suggestions. That’s what I really enjoy about the community, an opportunity to learn from others and their experiences. Going to try Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master and hope it has high WAF (wife acceptance factor). :slight_smile:

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After including and using the devlicetype @aruffell suggested, is there a consensus about smart apps to use with this device?

It works well with core. A lot of the other smartapps can’t handle the 24 button codes. :sunglasses: