Z-Wave Fan Controller Options

  1. It’s not possible to tell from just the picture—we’d need to know what the wiring is like, and in particular, if you have a neutral at that switch box. And it would help to know the brand and model of the fan.

  2. Also, we need to know what country you are in, because the device selection does vary.

  3. And if by chance the fan has a handheld remote, because that can add some additional options.

For now, assuming you are in North America, and there is a neutral at the switchbox, then nothing has really changed in available fan control options from the ones that are listed in the community FAQ.

Of course, all of the information about groovy DTHs in that FAQ would now need to use edge Drivers instead, but I believe everything listed there does have a custom edge driver now. And at the time of this post, all of the individual device descriptions still look good, although, as noted there, the Hampton Bay Zigbee option has been discontinued.

FAQ: 2020 Ceiling Fan and Dimmer light wall mount control compatible with SmartThings and Alexa?

So take a look at that first, and then, if you still have questions, we can discuss them. :sunglasses:

by the way, if your picture is of a wall-mounted remote, rather than a wired switch, and it is communicating by radio frequency to the controller in the fan canopy, then jump straight to the bond option in the FAQ.

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