Z-Wave Devices No Longer Responding

Morning Everyone,

Is anyone seeing this as of the last week. It seems that my Z-Wave Devices periodically stop responding. The only way to fix it is to unplug the hub and re-plug it back in.

Everything else seems to work (ie. Zigbee devices, hue, alexa, logitech harmony), just not Z-wave.

Any ideas?

Send an email to support.

Include the following:

  • A detailed explanation of what is going on
  • request them to check your account for orphaned devices and if any are found give them permission to delete them
  • give them permission to access your account and perform any actions related to these problems (include this in all emails to support, if not they will email you back asking for permission)

But first…
Run a zwave repair. Post here the results.

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Z-wave repair run… no success. IDE says commands are being sent and lights are on but lights are not turning on.

Sending off to support.