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Well, that’s easy! I didn’t think that was going to work. I’ll give it a shot, thanks!

So what capabilities do you get? Just on and off or can I change channels? I’ve been wanting to pick up a Harmony hub.

Any activity can be turned on and off, so the flexibility is up to you. I am doing things like turning on my tv to a particular channel and turning on a fan.

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Same as the IFTTT/Harmony or SmartThings/Harmony integrations: anything you can put into a Harmony “activity.”

For example, I have one activity which is “watch ESPN tv” and another activity which is “watch HBO” and another activity which is “watch Roku” and I can change between all of those by voice with “Alexa, turn on watch ESPN TV” etc.

But if you want to scan channels that’s more awkward because you’d have to give a command for each change. It can be a lot of work.

You will find many discussions in the forums about using harmony with smart things, so those should give you a lot of information. It’s exactly the same idea.

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Every time, I try “Alexa, turn on ESPN” she plays ESPN radio from tune in. What’s the trick?

Discussed under Echo quirks. :wink:

ESPN is a reserved word that means “ESPN Radio.”

But “ESPN TV” works for most people.

Yeah I tried ESPN TV and she never understands me :(. I use ESPY…

Whatever works. :wink:

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Anyone having an issue with getting Alexa to fully connect after logging in Amazon to link things.

I had that initially and tried again and it worked. Keep in mind, you initiate Alexa routines from Alexa’s Smart Home preferences, not within the Yonomi app.

I basically need to turn on a power strip that is connect to a z-wave switch than needs to come on before I can start the Fire TV Activity. Currently I wrote a Smartthings app that does this with a delay on for the Harmony Activity. I cannot do that with the Harmony hub since I have the switch start before the activity.

Yonomi doesn’t have any way to control zwave devices. Nor does it do two steps with a delay in between.

Thanks for that info @JDRoberts. That what I was trying to see if I could do.

There are some other pocket sockets you can use with Yonomi, in particular WeMo.

You can build a short delay into a Harmony activity with starting steps, it just depends on how long you need.


I emailed support about it. It’s a bug they’re looking into.

From Yonomi support

If you are controlling Yonomi routines via Alexa then the setup is complete. We realize this issue is causing confusion because we are unable to confirm that the account is connected, but in almost all cases it is. The next update of the app should make this less confusing.

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Thanks man! That seems to have worked! Turning on Activities is working great…however, how do you turn off? Do I need to setup a separate routine for Power Off and then do something like “Turn on System shutdown”? There’s no way to do a “Turn off TV”?

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The quirkiness of Harmony integration! It took me forever to get used to it. You actually need to ‘start’ activity to turn off your hub. The way I set up mine is a routine called TV (to power off hub) and then I have cable, dvd, Amazon tv, etc to turn on specific devices. So I tell Alexa ‘turn off TV’ or ‘turn on cable’ etc

Interesting idea, I’ll give it a shot! So to confirm, I create a routine with only “Power off” on the hub. Name it TV, discover with Alexa and I should be able to “Turn off TV”?

No, make a routine in Yonomi called TV, that all it does is ‘power off hub’.(or is this what you said? …you threw me off when you mentioned ‘hub’)

Yup, I did same thing works great. Although, I have Smartthings power off my tv when the house is empty and I always use the remote at night to shut it off since I am usually holding it.

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