Yet another weather driver (but for Edge!)

I know this was discussed briefly before. Has anyone gotten this to work with weather underground and their PWS data yet?

Just wanna be sure it will grab my PWS data before I dive in and try to set it all up.

Hi Ronald - Absolutely, send me a direct message and we’ll get it sorted out. I’m not sure that using your router as a proxy will work, especially for any weather sources that use https.

EDIT: I may have misunderstood what you were saying about your router. But DM me and we’ll figure it out.

Hi Don - The driver definitely now should support weather underground. Another user had helped me test and verify it was working for him.

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Then I’ll move this up my to-do list. Thanks.

I took a crack at this last night. Creating the edgebridge driver Pi image file seems to be currently beyond my skill set. I’ll have circle back to this after more self education.

Please feel free to direct message me and I’ll be happy to walk you through it.

I might do that. I’ve been self educating and hacking around and have made progress on the edgebridge part. Not working yet but rolling along. I’m gonna keep chugging along as pain and disappointment when stuff doesn’t work is a good educator.

If there are any recommendations you have to make the README clearer, please let me know.

Hey what are you using for your Weather underground PWS forecast link?

FYI, the one I tested with looks like this:

Substitute your own zipcode and apiKey.

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I had just found that. Okay I’ll plug it in and see what it does. Thanks

Can the postal code be a specific PWS station id?

One of my nearest neighbors has a weather station on Wunderground that I check using their app. We’re up in the hills so temps and wind are different as compared to what Wunderground reports for our zip code.

All documentation for WU is here:

forecast specifics are:

it doesn’t appear to support pulling forecast from a PWS code. My guess… the forecast you see on the PWS site is based on zipcode of the station or some nearby airport…etc.



For those of you setting this up on a Pi using Docker. If you can’t get the network to work in bridge mode. It will work by switching to host mode on the network interface.

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Hi, I just got around to trying out this driver (and bridge) and everything seems to be connected. For those of you using a Weather underground PWS, can you verify if it is correctly updating the Wind Gust attribute? I have the refresh going every 10 minutes and have had it running for a few hours now, but the Wind Gust still reports 0 mph even though the PWS has been reporting gusts over 5 mphs consistently.

Many thanks to the author of this driver!

The URL that I’ve tested with always had 0 for wind gust, so if you think there could be a problem, definitely let me know. You could just plug the URL you are using into a browser and see if there is a wind gust value showing. If it is, and it’s not showing in your SmartThings device, then I must have something wrong in the data parsing, which I will most certainly fix.

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Well I went back and looked at the code to see if I could see anything and indeed there was a typo in the key used to extract the windgust value. I just pushed out a quick driver update (Version 2022-11-22T23:57:26.072540587) to fix this, so it should start working for you once your hub receives the update.


Thank you @TAustin for the quick response!

Hey hey. is this revision on the main channel or the Driver Tests Alt one?

The Edge weather driver is on my test channel here: SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.