Yet another weather driver (but for Edge!)

I just signed up thinking that 3.0 would work. They allow 1000 calls per day for free. It does require a credit card during the sign up process. You can also set a limit in your billing details so you won’t go over and get charged. I don’t know about others but i don’t need more then once per day or even 1 per hour tops.

I’m also seeing that open weather does not seem to be working correctly. Current temp is way off, perhaps in Kelvin but my url has imperia units specified.


Update: I identified the issue. You should not specify units in the API call. Instead let it return in the default which has kelvin for temperature. Then in the settings specify that the incoming temperature is Celsius and then select what you want as displayed, i selected Fahrenheit.

This is working great for me. Thank you for doing this! I appreciate it a lot! You saved me a lot of time.

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@TAustin Would you mind checking in your code to the repository. I wanted to dry to add a src for openweather 3.0. I’m seeing that the master branch in github is a little behind. The preferences area only has dark sky or us gov and not open weather or others. I’m also not seeing the open weather mapping file in src file

Done! I was way behind on that one so thanks for the reminder.

And it would be great if you want to take a crack at the openweather 3.0 support. Let me know if I can help in any way.


Just wanted to say thank you for this driver - I have it working with a Standard Proxy Server. I’m using the Proxy Server package in my Synology NAS. I had to pass on the as it forces HTTPS, but you can still get to over HTTP instead of HTTPS.

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Also chiming in. To date, all has been working using this driver to bring in my Ecowitt data from WeatherUnderground (which occasionally is not responding, but that is WU for ya).
Getting all the lights to use the temp has been a challenge with the way routines work (compared to Webcore) but so far so good. I wish for variables… one logic routine to assign a color, then use in all/any lighting routine but hey baby steps


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@TAustin first off all thank you for this wonderful driver. Just one request, can you increase the allowed value for the temperature? Currently it accepts -20 to 50. Is possible to make it -50 to 50?I live in Manitoba where the temperature sometimes reaches -50C.

Im planning to use this driver to control my smartplug to make my dumb dehumidifier “smart” :joy:

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Hello and welcome to the community!

The limit you are seeing should be only applicable to defining automation routines in the app. (This is controlled by SmartThings, as the temperatureMeasurement capability that I use is a standard SmartThings capability.)

However for actual setting and display of the value, there shouldn’t be an issue.

If you are trying to create an automation to test for temperature values below -20 C, then I would suggest you try using a Rule instead. I haven’t tried it myself, but a Rule shouldn’t be limited to the -20 C value for condition testing.

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thanks! I’ll look into it :+1:

@TAustin would you be able to integrate Weatherflow Tempest into this program as a source? I have set up a test token on my account that I could provide you as well as the station ID. The links for the API are below if it is possible. I could delete the token when testing was done. I would like to get my data direct from them instead of having to get it from Weather Underground as a work around. I also wonder why my second atmospheric pressure only reads in kPA instead of inHG like my first pressure reading does. I think the second reading is station pressure whereas the first one is the pressure at the site sensor.

I really appreciate your work on this driver since WeatherFlow has not managed to make an integration yet. I also understand if it is not possible to make WeatherFlow a direct choice.