Yet another weather driver (but for Edge!)

In this case it looks like it is the value that is missing, not the units. That would mean that for some reason you’re not getting that temperature data value returned. Can you share the URLs you have configured for current conditions and forecast (blank-out your API key).

It should look something like this:

Current Weather

Weather Forecast

User error, again …

Using the URL you gave with a correct device_id (I had it wrong initially) and all is good.

Sorry for the false error report.

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@TAustin Getting an error on an illuminance value that is too large:

2023-05-05T16:56:41.673926262+00:00 ERROR Edge Weather V1 driver thread encountered error: [string "st/capabilities/init.lua"]:226: Invalid value for Illuminance Measurement.illuminance value: {value=113614} error: Given 113614 for value. Number out of bounds: 0 - 100000

Must be awfully bright there! Is this from WeatherFlow Tempest?

I’m also curious: what is the UV Index reading?

I may have to add an upper bound fix.

Very bright today!

Yes, this is from WeatherFlow Tempest.

Current readings:

It will have to be capped at 100,000 since that is the max supported by SmartThings. Will get you a driver update momentarily…

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Driver Version 2023-05-05T18:01:57.084913553 has been pushed out that caps the illumination field to max of 100,000 lux.

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Back in business. Thanks Todd!

Sometimes, this is because the value need to be divided by 10 or 100.

I don’t think this is the case, but it worths to mention.

Is it possible to use with this edgedriver? I live in the Netherlands and its our most used weather app.

I checked out the link and I see that there is one URL that returns data for some number of stations. Is it possible to add parameters to the URL to get just the station you are interested in? I’m looking through the websites and don’t see any documentation of what is accepted.

@TAustin I scanned though the thread but didn’t see anything (apologies if it’s there and I missed it) … is there are reason why ‘feels like’ is not something you are parsing (in my case I care about WeatherFlow)?

There is an entire ecosystem of weather nerds that use Ecowitt sensors, and the ecowitt interface (this is basically the hardware manufacturer for AmbientWeather).

The ecowitt API is easy to parse, and has support for many (many!) more devices than other weather solutions. Would it be possible to create a driver for the ecowitt API calls? I can provide the API code, and would be willing to DM you my API credentials to see what the json looks like, or provide it here (I use Postman a lot so it’s easy to give you a raw file).

Sorta. They both use other manufacturers to make their hardware, including Fine Offset. But EW and AW are competitors.

Anyway, I have it on my list to finish a local implementation of an Edge driver for the GW1000/GW1100 series gateways. Since they’re both on the local LAN no external server would be needed. Hopefully I’ll get more time in the coming weeks/month.

If you need testers, let me know. Currently I am polling my Ecowitt through WU using this edge driver (works great as long as WU is up). I also run Cumulus locally collecting the data for internal dashboards and gadgets using cumulus api calls. I did this long before Ecowitt offered up an API.

Thanks for the clarification, always challenging to know who the OEM is :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to seeing what you can come up with, if you need any UAT, let me know!