Yale ZigBee Lever Locks - Amazon Warehouse - Used: Very Good - $75

There are 2 available of each. Add EARTH10 code for $10 off.

YRL-210 Bronze: $85 - $10

YRL-220 Bronze: $86 - $10

You can also use my DTH to utilize the advanced features.

Dam I have never seen them that low, never even <$200. Too bad all my doors are nickel and not bronze.

I’m betting that somebody didn’t notice that these are the ZigBee and marked them down as non connected ones. Or mislabeled non connected as ZigBee when posting to site.

Well the good news is this is from Amazon so if there are issues, returns should be easy.

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Already ordered one and want to order more even though i dont need them just because of the great price. Really need to get my deal buying impulse in check. Hahaha


Out of stock. Damn