Yale Z-Wave YRD240 Access Code Creation

I purchased the Yale Z-Wave YRD240 and have paired it with my SmartThings Hub. However, the only controls it has are to open and close the lock. I would like to know how to create/delete guest access codes.



An amazing lock, with the stock ST device handler you can lock/unlock and program codes remotely. @jhamstead posted the links above to apps you can use, the Door Lock Code User Management app works with the ST stock device handler.

However if you’re willing to use a custom device handlers check out the Enhanced Z-Wave lock handler that unlocks many cool features on this Yale lock. One in particular, would be if you disable the one touch locking, you can capture the lock codes used to lock the lock. Coupled with the Door Lock Code User Management SmartApp, you can use that information to create custom actions for each user based on who locked it (not just unlocked it). Possibilities are endless.

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