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Yale Smartphone Alarm System integration

(Daniel McDougall) #245

Are you sure it shouldn’t be

(Ash Stokes) #246

I get not found with that url :sweat:

(Andy Stokes) #247

Hi All,

New here but just managed to get the arm/disarm working with post man.

When you make the login request then request the services from the device, you receive a url with the server port…
“url”: “”,
“server_port”: 6013,
“server_ip”: “”,
“panel”: “xxxx”,
“server”: “vixen”,
“yapi”: “xxx”,
“email”: “xxxx”

(note: I had to blank out the yapi url above because I’m a new member and it won’t let me post more than 1 URL)

When you POST the update, use the URL returned here including the port…

Now I just need to figure out how to tie this all in to work with my alexa!

Hope the helps someone.


Hi Andy,

Im new here also, and not very good at this.

Is there any chance of simple guide outlining an overview of how to configure/set up

Do i need some code?

(Andy Stokes) #249

I’ve only done this all through postman, no code has been written yet although I hope to do something to work on a windows IoT for rasberry pi when I get some time.

Some basic steps.

  1. Authenticate using the yale auth token found in the yale smart client project above - Add a header “Authorization” with Key “Basic VnVWWDZYVjlXSUNzVHJhcUVpdVNCUHBwZ3ZPakxUeXNsRU1LUHBjdTpkd3RPbE15WEtENUJ5ZW1GWHV0am55eGhrc0U3V0ZFY2p0dFcyOXRaSWNuWHlSWHFsWVBEZ1BSZE1xczF4R3VwVTlxa1o4UE5ubGlQanY5Z2hBZFFtMHpsM0h4V3dlS0ZBcGZzakpMcW1GMm1HR1lXRlpad01MRkw3MGR0bmNndQ==”
    In your body, set the “grant_type” to “password”, “username” to your yale username and “password” to your password.

This will return an access token, you will use this for the rest of the requests

  1. Get the services, this will return the URL you need for the get and set mode operations. This is done in GET mode
    The header will “Authorization” with a value of “Bearer + your access token”

  2. Now you can set the alarm using the same headers as above but post to the url + port in POST mode. Add the mode and area to your body form data.

(Ash Stokes) #250

Andy, welcome! second of all, you absolute beauty!! I’ve been racking my head trying to get that to work and hadn’t been able to… the good thing is I believe from testing this week and the HASS project the 6013 port is always the same so it should be one less variable!

I tested with your advice above and can arm/disarm & with the port it’s also grabbing the correct status of the alarm, so yeah now we just need to get it into a device handler… if I get time this weekend I’ll try and give it a go but very limited knowledge on Groovy so will need a lot of help from uncle Google!

(Andy Stokes) #251

Thanks :slight_smile: It was a very satisfying feeling when I heard the Yale hub beeping to my requests! It was a collaborative effort here to get it working though. Using what everyone discovered earlier made it much easier to figure out!

(Ash Stokes) #252

No worries! haha I can imagine, I was sat there so hopeful and never got it to go, then slackened off it nearer the end of the week…

Daniel Or Mark maybe able to help us on the device handler part, I’m not great with it at all, been trying to find another smartapp/handler with oAuth2 to see how the authentications written in.

Hopefully if we can get that sorted we can sort the contacts handlers, I used to use them a lot for when I couldn’t set the alarm if the dogs were in the rooms with PIR’s (big dog) I used to use webcore to send an SMS if it the sensor opened & location = away, so was useful for whilst i was at work!

(Daniel McDougall) #253

You guys are amazing. I will have a look at what you have done this weekend

(Ash Stokes) #254

Collective effort from everyone mate! Ah brill cheers mate, let us know if you need anything or want my creds to test or want me to test anything, I’ll also have a look at the code, but chances are I’ll not figure it out :sweat_smile:

(Jaffa Brown) #255

Hi All,

Dipping my toe in the water here - about to trash my old X10 alarm/house automation stuff and follow in your footsteps. I assume its all still working as expected, and connectivity for Z-wave and the Yale alarm is all good?

I assume that the hub everybody is using is the Samsung V3 hub (as V2 with the batteries seems impossible to get hold of) and its the “Yale SR-320 Wireless Smart Alarm Kit” - alarm type setup?

Its just, reading through this and other threads, it talks about people saying just going Z-wave on its own is a better choice? Is this right?

(Ash Stokes) #256

Hi Jaffa,

Depending on what server set your Yale account lands on when created depends on if it will work, I’ve recently spoke to Yale after the above posts and they’re migrating users to new servers which changes the APIs/authentication so once all swapped over the current smartapp won’t work, mines been swapped over already and doesn’t…

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done, me and another user managed to get the API/authentication working in POST so this just needs writing into a new smart app/handler, I am looking to do this but don’t know Java (Groovy) so is going to be slow, for the moment I’ve got a cheap RPI use MQTT and bridge it to home assistant, there’s a basic Yale app for Ha that works, i re-wrote it as know more python to require pins etc.

I’ll update at some point once I’ve had a look at implementing it to ST as it is something I still plan to do.

To answer your other questions mine is the SR-320 and I have the V2 hub with batteries.


(Jaffa Brown) #257


Thanks for the reply. Well, thats disappointing news. I guess I will hang off on buying anything yet - just in case it all falls apart. I will watch this thread with interest.

(Mark C) #258

what did you use, im still on the old server but would be intersted on getting something set up incase i move over

(Adrian Maggs) #259

@Alex_Godbehere how did you get on with the Openhab integration for Yale? is this something you are still involved with?


Hi all,

I tried the postman method but did not succeed. I think I’m missing something fundamental as I could never receive the token or pass basic auth.

What’s the current status of control via a device handler, if any?

Is there any support I can give anyone to help this along?

(Vishnu Prasad) #261

Hi All,

I am trying to integrate Yale Siren with ST. I have used the code from @ mark_cockcroft.

I tried to learn Yale Siren to ST but its un responsive.

Is it possible to connect ST and Yale externla Siren. I am using the 433 MHz one in UK.

Any help will be appreciated.


(Mark C) #262

i wouldnt of thought so, what are you thring to do with just the siren? you could probably bring it in but wouldnt be able to send any commands to it

(John Lockwood) #263

The Smartthings Hub does not support 433 MHz devices as it does not have a 433 MHz transmitter.

As far as I am aware there have been two main versions of the Yale siren, one which supports Z-Wave but appears to have only been sold in the US and hence would only work with a US version of the Smartthings Hub and I believe this is in any case now discontinued, and the other which (probably) uses 433MHz but is using a proprietary system only for linking to the corresponding Yale security panel.

Possible options to use the Yale siren would be -

  1. Connect it to a corresponding Yale alarm panel and via a modified version of the above Yale app you might be able to send a command to it to trigger the alarm/siren

  2. Hack the wiring in conjunction with some other device e.g. a Z-Wave relay, this is an approach I believe used by some people with traditional dumb wired sirens. Basically the Z-Wave relay then turns the power to the siren on and off.

(Vishnu Prasad) #264

@jelockwood and @mark_cockcroft
Thank you very much for the replies.

Has any one hacked the wiring of Yale siren, I am a newbie any pointers will help me, if not I need to return the siren.