Xiaomi Zigbee Smart Mood Cube


This looks like it would make a great mood cube ready to go out of the box, has anyone had a chance to play with one? Is there any chance that it would work with Smartthings since it communicates using Zigbee? Possibly created a device type?

Let me know what you guys think!


Check the xiaomi thread. Unfortunately i don’t have one so i couldn’t test whether they pair but all their other Zigbee devices can be paired to ST so i don’t think why the cube can’t be paired.

For the device handler, it is pretty straightforward. You can use the smart button as a template. But since the cube has 6 actions and ST only support 1 button per device, it will need a smartapp to expose 5 additional buttons as virtual device

Yes, I’ve implemented the device handler for it yesterday. Everything is working fine, will post the code soon. Tested it with ZWN-SC7-Enerwave-7-Button-Scene-Controller by @mattjfrank.

@droidsector You are awesome! Thank you very much! Please let me know when the code is posted so I can check it out. I can’t wait to give it a try, and my wife will love it.

I got 2 cubes just today and tried following these instructions to connect them but I got stuck at step 2. I’m unable to find the “catchall” line in the events log no matter what I do. Tried resetting the device multiple times and had it less than half a meter away from the hub and still nothing.

I live in Australia but got my ST hub from the US. I also got the Xiaomi cube from Gearbest.com China Warehouse. What I’m suspecting is that the Zigbee frequency the cube operates on is 433Mhz (just an assumption) and won’t be able to communicate with ST which operates on 2.4Mhz OR there’s something I’m missing. what do you think? @DroidSector

Same here :slight_smile: Did you clicked “Add a Thing” in the app? I forgot to add this step.