Xiaomi Yeelight RGBW E27

Has anyone manged to get the Xiaomi Yeelight RGBW E27 intergrated with Smartthings?

I have a couple of them laying about and a rather large area to light on an automated timer. Obviously as they’re quite cheap (around £15) it would be great if there was support for them.

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So I managed to get the Yeelight IPL Color LED working with Smartthings using a virtual switch and IFTTT.

If anyone knows of a proper intergration method it would be great to know about it but this will do for now.

For anyone who wants to do the same thing:

Create a simulated switch in Smartthings and set IFTTT to turn the Yeelight on and off when it detects the virtual switch state change.


Which device handler are you using to control the Xiaomi Yeelight RGBW E27? Many thanks

I am not using a device handler. I just used IFTTT. There is a Yeelight channel.

Very interesting. I’ve got a quite sophisticated smartthings setup with
more than 30 devices (many of them driven by community developed device
handlers), core pistons, as well smart apps. I tried iftt on at the
beginning of 2016 and I must admit it wasn’t functioning properly.
Sometimes it didn’t trigger the events it was meant to handle. I’ll give it
another try. Which other devices are you managing under iftt? Many thanks

So, are you controlling the color scene in IFFTT?
How do you set the color you want?


can u please explain this procedure…ive been trying all day

I’ve not bothered with the colour. I’m just using on/off with the the blub set to remember it’s state on power off.

It’s not ideal but it’ll do.

@sostius how detailed do you need? Do you know how to create a simulated switch in Smartthings?

I’m also really want this light to be connected to my Smartthings.
Actually I don’t know how hard to connect wifi connected device to ST hub, but I think it’s doable.

This Yeelight is wonderful. Have similar feature like LIFX. Wifi connected bulb that can work without any other device or hub, just wifi and internet.
The tech spec is also (very) acceptable, will not win if compare to LIFX though, but it’s really good.

With that kind of features, the price is amazing. It’s only around 20 USD or less. With this price we can accept any lack of features or spec compare to other bulb. :joy:

They also open for further development of this bulb capability.

So, can hardly wait to see this bulb to be work nice with my ST system

Hi all, so I’ve been on the Yeelight forums and they have submitted a device handler for their products. Unfortunately as it’s a cloud integration they cannot just share the code - but the good news is they have already worked on it. It is up to Smartthings now to review and publish it…

The forum link is here: http://forum.yeelight.com/t/smartthings-support/748/6
Not sure if it’s worth mentioning @Tyler so they can be aware of it as not sure where things are regarding publishing…seem another post where Tyler was tagged…


I’ve been following the yeelight forum threads as well, and it sounds like SmartThings shot down their code submission stating ST doesn’t work with companies outside the US or South Korea. That’s straight up ludicrous. :frowning2:

Indeed I don’t understand the logic behind some company would like to provide product support for smartthings platform but they refused while there could be tens or hundreds thousand of such product in circulation

Agreed, if more products could integrate with ST and more market share Samsung can gain.

Furthermore, I think Samsung doesn’t focus on
lighting. Therefore there is no conflict between ST and Xiaomi

I really hope that they will approve this. Its dissapointing to read all the time how Smartthings is no longer doing something or making something harder. I got this system for the customization abilities and the open platform for creating new codes. With them no longer reviewing submissions they pretty much shot themselves in the foot and are taking away one of the things that makes this platform great.


So, Yeelights have a ‘developer mode’ which you set using your phone app (after creating the cloud account). I think this means the bulb is then a lan controllable device. ie we ought to be able to create a device handler/smart app to deal with it. I am happy to try this, however, would appreciate someone pointing me at the best existing lan device as a starting point.

I will also cross post this on the yeelight forum, in the hope some of their ‘expert’ developers might do this.

FYI, I started playing with a node-red handler for these bulbs and proved that once it is in developer mode it is controllable from node-red. This is my backup plan if I can’t sort a slick and functional device handler.

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Hey @Davec, I currently use a device handler for an LED strip at home - honestly not sure if this would be considered a LAN integration or not but you might be able to discern this by reviewing the groovy code: [RELEASE] SmartLife (H801) RGBW LED Strip Wifi Controller & Bulb

The developer of the DH is super supportive so might be open to providing some answers if you have anything specific questions about the DH. Sorry if I’ve shared non-sense with you. Also keen to see these devices supported on Smartthings.

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Thanks!..this is definitely worth a look…don’t hold your breath, but I am going to try my best.

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So. First challenge, The Yeelight uses for discovery. Smartthings expects port 1900. I cant see anyway to override this. Yeelight is transparent that they are breaking the standard, and suggest they want to avoid excessive multi-cast messages

Anyone have any clever suggestions? or pointers?

Would a solution similar to the TP-Link node.js + DTH be viable?

Yes…think using node will be unavoidable…investigating this now

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