Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee Switch DTH--help needed

Any success with the Aqara Switch?

Hi, I have 3 xiaomi aqara wall switch, one with double key and two with one key (both switch are the version with only live line).

Like you I’m only able to pair with ST via lazcad device handler and to see the log of physical on/off but no way to send the on/of command via the ST app.
however the openhab community support this device and maybe it could help us.

Thanks a lot for all

I have recorded my xiaomi aqara as a device “Xiaomi Zigbee Outlet” and I can see the state changes, but once the smartthings button presses on, but it does not come back off but not the application, so I created a smartapp That when I press the switch lights on and puts the button in off and at the second press turns off the light.
Obviously, the two device buttons are not recognized as separate.
At the moment, at least so I can use it, waiting for some more capable person to develop something better.

Hi Luca, Can you explain how did you do it?
Could you share the smartapp you created?

Last but not least, are you Italian? :slight_smile:

I just created a piston on webcore

and, yes, I’m Italian… :wink:

I reinstalled the device following this step:

  • Install the handler lazcad : Xiaomi Zigbee Outlet

  • Start ST Discovery

  • Press the button on the device untill the led blinks blue

  • Discover in the ide the network ID of the device:

  • Create new thing from the IDE, using the ID discovered

    I don’t know why it display the temperature value that, however, it’s wrong.

  • Here the device log

The trouble

  • When I try to turn on/off the light via ST app nothing appen but the action is reported in the log.

  • Via the physical button I can turn on the light and it’s reported in the log, but it seems that the switch immediately return on off state even if the light is on.

  • Via the physical button I can turn off the light but it is not reported in the log.

I think I understand we have a different model … my is this: http://www.gearbest.com/alarm-systems/pp_610095.html

The code behind the wired and the battery version shouldn’t be very different though still doing the same thing reporting to ST what has been pressed only difference is the battery one doesnt need to know its current state it can leave that to the controller

yes, we have different products, mine are wired light switch.

So… is there any update news? the xiaomi wired wall switch can not be used?

At the moment you can not do anything more than what is described in this thread,particularly here

It’s a shame, these Xiaomi switches are great value.


I have been using Smartthings for a while now. However I have always purchased items that just plug and play. No code or github etc. I have a mixture of zigbee and z-wave devices. Window sensors (strips), motion sensors , wemo light bulbs etc.

However my biggest problem is with the lights, my wife keeps turning off the mains switch :smile: Which of course causes an issue with the light. So i was hoping to change the light switches. And the xiaomi one looks great, and could fit over existing light switch perfect and also will work with Ireland/UK electrics (I am in Ireland). See attached image, of one I got to test, and see if I could get to work (battery)

However i have no idea where to begin? Keep in mind I have no idea in terms of code/github etc. I mainly setup devices on the mobile.

Any help would be great.

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what kind of version did you buy? with or without wired line?

Hi Marco,

I purchased the without wired version. As it is not one of the standard products, I said I would figure it out first, before re-wiring the existing set and then trying to figure it out. With the battery setup, no physical changes needed.

I got this one for beta testing, I guess you could say.

Not the most elegant solution, but I got a “guard” for the light switch 3D printed and screwed on to existing switch plate, and stuck an older Xiaomi button on it to switch the lights on and off.

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Here are the pics:

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If you need the switch on all the time, could you wire it “hot” and then place a dummy cover over it. Then put the switch on that?

In the US we can get covers with no holes.

in this case you must have a radio controlled switch (like this) before the light bulb, or a radio controlled bulb (like philips hue products) or a radio controlled light bulb adapter (like this)

Hi Marco,

Yes I currently have wemo light bulbs. However currently I can only control these via Alexa of the smartthings app.

A switch would make life easier. I just cannot get it connected to smartthings