Wyze motion sensor (sense) - integration

I want to achieve something very simple. When I turn On a virtual ST switch then allow Wyze motion sensor push notifications and when I turn it Off, disable them.
I tried IFTTT but it does not have the option to enable Wyze motion sensor push notifications. I also tried to use Alexa routines but the Wyze skill does not provide this option.
I want to implement this in order to automatically turn motion detection notifications for the Wyze motion sensor (Wyze sense) (not the Wyzecam motion detection - which doesn’t work properly) when I leave home. I find very weird that IFTTT supports enabling/disabling Wyzecam motion detection but does not support enabling/disabling the Wyze motion sensor.
I know Wyze doesn’t provide ST integration, but I’m pretty sure our community found some workarounds
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

You can also connect Wyze to Alexa and then use an Alexa routine to turn on a switch when the contact sensor opens and off when it closes. I think those are the only two options.

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The Alexa Routines cannot utilize wyze motion sensor. See attached

Are you sure you’re picking the trigger action…not the device to change. Switches should NOT be showing up as available for the trigger action because they cannot be the trigger for an Alexa routine. I suspect you’re in the wrong screen.

An alternative may be to add the Wyze motion sensor to Smartthings, and then use the Smartthings push notifications to trigger your alerts. Would something like that work for you?

I’ve got 2 Wyze motion sensors. Each of them triggers an IFTTT event that “turns off” and “turns on” a simulated motion sensor/switch that I created. For the alert side, I’ve used an alarm piston in webcore (if motion && away, send push notification). But more recently, I’m trying out the Smartthings Home Monitor smartapp (only for 2 days now).

Edit - Short instructions:
Add this device handler for the simulated motion sensor/switch combo:

In Devices, add a new device and select the simulated motion sensor and switch option (near the bottom of the list)

In IFTTT, create two events. First, “If Wyze Motion Sensor detects Motion, then turn on Smartthings Motion Sensor Switch”
Second, “If Wyze Motion Sensor clears, then turn off Smartthings motion sensor switch”

Then, you should be able to create alerts in Smartthings Home Monitor.


This was incredibly helpful Ian, thank you! I was about to give up on adding wyze sensors to Smarthings Home Monitor. I already had the virtual switches created with ifft, but like they are only ON/OFF devices, they wouldn’t show in the home monitor section like sensors. I edited the virtual devices and changed the type to your handler and it worked!!

Now i am hoping to to do the same thing, but with wyze door sensors. Would you happen to have a similar magic code that would convert the virtual switch from on/off, to open/close? so the wyze door sensors can be found in home monitor under the open/closed sensors in Home monitor?

I sure do. The code for the motion sensor was a search+and+replace “switch” for “motion” from the code in this post:

I’ll post the code with the KV14 changes on my github page, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/iboje/SmartThings-Device-Handlers/master/simulated-contact-and-switch .

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Well I think I found a very smart guy in this thread.
I have noticed the Wyze Sense integration with Alexa (motion sensor-external) is not 100%. The external Motion Sensor (I tried 2 as Wyze sent me another as I thought mine was faulty) does not consistently trigger an Alexa routine. Perhaps it works about 20% of the time. All has been set up properly, reset, factory reset and battery is good, router, and all devices within 15 feet of each other… Wyze has no answer but other people have indicated that they have had some inconsistent results with Alexa routines being triggered. Others said it worked almost flawlessly.

So…I can either wait and buy another camera with better Alexa integration —OR—
perhaps I can use SmartThings (without a ST hub) on Android phone to somehow have it trigger an Alexa routine or at least a way to let Alexa app (Android phone) know that the sensor (Wyze Sense) has detected motion or that a notification was received and then trigger the routine…
I really think I am out of luck.

Thank you

Hey Peter,

I’d suspect that if you were trying to add another platform to an existing automation, it might cause more issues for you than less. If you were thinking about moving your automation over to smartthings, that might work for you, but the method above does use IFTTT to bridge the gap.

If it helps, I don’t think you need a smartthings hub to use the service - just install the app and setup an account.

Off topic: Does it look like the Wyze camera is picking up your motion events? In other words, I’m wondering if the breakdown is between the sensor and the camera, or the camera and “The cloud”.

I made a virtual switch then used IFTTT to turn on VS if motion is detected and off when motion clears for my wyze sensor. Then you can turn on notifications in the wyze app for the sensor and make a rule in wyze or smartthings for when you leave home.

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I was looking into doing this with Wyze contact sensors controlling a virtual contact sensor via IFTTT, but it doesn’t appear that you can change the state of the virtual contact sensor on the ST side in this manner. I can control a virtual switch, which would then need to change the state of the virtual contact sensor.

Alternatively, it looks like you could do this with webCoRE, but I haven’t tested it.

@The_Holocron - I followed this video to do the virtual switch with the wyze motion sensor. Assume it is same/similar with the wzye contact sensor.

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Good tutorial, but I already figured this part out. The perfectionist in me wants them to show up in ST as contact sensors, not switches. :wink:

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This is actually very easy to do, and is the basis of the method that people use to trigger echo routines from smartthings.

All you need is a virtual device which is both a switch and a sensor.

Then when you turn the switch on in any fashion, the sensor will look like it’s open. When you turn the switch off, the sensor will look like it’s closed.

Here’s one of the more popular ones:


Do the virtual contact sensors work in the SmartThings Home Monitor SmartApp?

Yes they do.

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