Writing your first SmartApp

(Ben Edwards) #1

So you want to make you house do something but cannot find a readily available way to do it? Write a SmartApp. It is easier than you think. Here’s how.

(Brian) #2

…should a link be here?

(Ben Edwards) #3

Fixed.Thanks for the catch.

(Dominique) #4

Wow, that is way confusing.

(Ben Edwards) #5

It would be more helpful if you could provide some context for what you are referring to and some specific examples we can address. Thanks!

(Dominique) #6

While I certainly respect and appreciate the effort that went into typing this up, I thought the whole thing was confusing. I think it is safe to say that I am most likely not the only one who feels this way. I am a visual learner, I just think a video how-to in layman’s terms would be much easier to learn from versus documentation.

I am very interested in writing apps however in my situation, I do not know where to start.