Wiring a dsc18103-zwus, single switch, but only have two electrical wires

Hello, I would like to connect the dsc18103-zwus to this switch:

The instructions (section: “preparing and connecting wires”) say I need three wires though! I’m assuming that ground wire doesn’t count.

I attached the white and black wires the the inner N/L pair on the dsc18103. What do I attach to the right-most “L” connection? Is it possible for me to make this work, or am I out of luck?

Unless you have wires back there we cant see, that circuit has no neutral wire… You will need a smart switch (such as Inovelli) that supports a no-neutral installation.

There aren’t any other wires in there. Darn it :frowning:

Here’s a different switch that’s 3-way:

Can it work there?

Depends on what manufacturer the switch is (model number matters)

Reason : Most manufacturers require a specific ‘add on’ switch for the other leg of the 3-way.

So id depends on what kind of smart switch you have.