Wireless doorbell with dry circuit on receiver end?

Hi there, hopefully this is the right place to ask this: does anybody out there have experience with one of those ubiquitous/generic wireless doorbells that actually has some sort of provision for a dry contact output? i.e. in addition to chime and/or light, the ability for the receiving end of the doorbell to close a dry circuit (for example to add an additional wireless doorbell to an otherwise wired system)?
I got a wireless doorbell on Amazon, and suppose i could try and wire a relay to the LED on the system board, but this seems potentially short-lived, and better would be a device that actually has a circuit provided for this use. Mimolite is an option, I know, but I’d rather not spend $50+ on the mimolite and another $20+ for a single Zwave doorbell; many/most of the wireless doorbell things cost under $20 all-in.