Wink Motion Sensor Device Handler


I did some searching and could not find an answer. I recently purchased a Wink Motion Sensor (WNK-MOT1P) to use with SmartThings. The device pairs without and issue and looks to be using the generic Z-WAVE Motion Sensor driver. One thing I don’t like about the device is that there’s a large blue LED that flashes whenever it senses motion. I did some research and it looks like when using it with a Wink hub that can actually be turned off. I then looked at the device spec on the Z-Wave Alliance registry (Link) and it looks like there’s actually a lot of configuration parameters (including the a parameter to turn off the LED) that we don’t have access to with the generic driver. I was wondering if there’s a specific Wink device handler (edge) that allows some of these settings to be configured?

There is a community created edge, Driver that will allow you to change the settings on most Z wave devices. You add the driver to your hub, switch your device to it, make your changes and request that they be saved to your device, and then change back to your every day driver for regular use.

Be aware that many battery powered Z wave devices will only update their configurations once a day, or at best every four hours, so you may not see the changes take affect for quite a while. They will just stay queued up until the next time the device is ready to accept them. (if there is a way to get the device to accept the changes immediately, it will be detailed in the user manual.)

If you have any further questions about this utility, ask in the author thread where you will get the link to download the driver.

(New Release) New Edge Driver Z-Wave Device Config Mc

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this “solution” must be some nonsense, never ever saw these mysterious edge drivers, do they actually exist outside topic “(New Release) New Edge Driver Z-Wave Device Config Mc” ?

wink worked great with dome sensor device handler.

what is Mc anyway?