WINK Door and Window - temperature?

I’ve got a bunch of WNK DW1 door and windows sensors connected to my SmartThings hub. They seem to work fine for the most part but… I don’t get a temperature reading. Is that expected? An Edge driver limitation or nuance?

They’re device names say “Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 Basic” driver. The profile says “contact-battery-tamperalert-temperature”

I realize they’re old and I’m likley pushing a boundary… but I’m still running IRIS motion sensors too… :smile:

Hmmm… What is the fingerprint (Mfg code and model) of the sensor? What driver is the device using? Do you have other Aeotec devices installed?

Seems strange for a door/window sensor to also have temperature measurement.

Thanks for being online on a Sunday @h0ckeysk8er .
Driver → Z-Wave Sensor
Yes, I have some Aeotec devices (similar door/window)
I did just find somewhere in the Edge driver list that Wink 0100-0001 map to that device profile…

Can’t tell you why the device name is “Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 Basic”. However, based on what I found on the Z-Wave Alliance website, this device doesn’t have temperature measurement as one of its capabilities. I think the fingerprint for this device is mapped to the incorrect profile in the stock ST zwave-sensor driver.

That’s what I’m thinking. It would be SUPER cool if they did, but a blurb I just found on the Wink site leads me to think they don’t.

Any idea how to manually change that device name and or the profile?

You can’t manually change the device profile. That gets selected from the driver based on the fingerprint of the device. And the driver gets selected based on the fingerprint as well. You would need someone to create a custom Edge driver that mapped to the proper profile or submit an issue against the driver in the ST Github repo (SmartThingsEdgeDrivers/drivers/SmartThings/zwave-sensor at main · SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsEdgeDrivers · GitHub) to get them to fix it.

What is strange to me is why the device name is not correct. I might suggest excluding the device and then re-pairing it with the hub to see if it gets corrected.

If it does… I have to do that 10-15 times… and if I’m doing that, I’ll move them over to HomeAssistant.
For now, I can just delete the Temperature entities as they come across from SmartThings. I miss Iris and Groovy on days like this.

@h0ckeysk8er , I just double checked in S/T and the UI shows Contact, Tamper, Temp and battery, but the temp is greyed out. I think you’re right… someone just need to re-profile that driver to contact-tamper-battery

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