Window Sunshade Controller - DD7002B Integration?

I recently had some sunshades installed and the installer dropped off a “WiFi Hub” that allows you to control the shades from your phone. I am wondering if there is a way to integrate this hub into the SmartThings platform.

The pictures of the hub are attached and it states “Model DD7002B” on the hub itself. I have looked around to see if anyone else has this, but have come up short. I’d be interested if anyone has this device or has any suggestion on integration.



What’s the brand of the motor?

Meanwhile, see the FAQ:

FAQ: WIFI Devices in ST? How can I integrate a WiFi or Bluetooth device that isn’t on the official compatibility list?

Also, if by chance it’s Dooya (it sounds like a Dooya model number) Using the Dooya Connector app, there is an IFTTT channel, so you could get some Integration that way.

I have the same bridge, luckily my roller blinds supplier gave me a contact in Dooya to enquire about this bridge.
At the moment there is a fully functional RS485 interface (I have the documentation), however more hardware is required for any integration with SmartThings.
Also there is an API that will run on the bridge itself under development.
I will play with the RS485 but I’m waiting for the API so I can integrate with SmartThings


Hi, I’m interested in documentation to use dooya wifi bridge by RS485 port with Omni IIe. I appreciate if you share information with me.

Thank you in advance

The documentation has the serial port commands to operate the blinds, but Omni IIe would need to implement those commands to integrate.

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Yes, that is the information that I need, I can send commands by RS485 or RS232 serial ports from Omni IIe, but I don’t know the commands (protocol) used by bridge.

Hi jzapatac, here it is!AsXgAZmiTwCIhOUEzLZDlLRop4OTpw?e=6Yk0pu

Thank you very much @axbeercore , I am going to do some test and I let you know the results.

Hi everybody , I was finally able to control my curtains by serial port RS485 and using the communication protocol shared by @axbeercore from my Omni IIe. Thank you very much for your support. :smiley:


Has there been any news on the API for the Hub please?

@axbeercore, did you have any updates from your contact on the API please?

Hi, could you please re-share the RS485 protocol documentation? Thanks in advance.

Hi Ágoston, here it is: Connector Bridge RS485 Interface

Hi Jonatan, this document helps me a lot until now. I’m able to retrieve information from the hub/motor. When I send a command like !123D001o; I only retrieve the current position of the motor but the motor won’t operate. Do I miss something? Current firmware version is 0.7.2. Hopefully you have an idea.

Hi, Sjanssen I have the same problem here. When I send the command !123D001o; nothing happens !!
@axbeercore and @jzapatac you know anything about it ?

Hello @Sjanssen and @Gabriel_F_Moretti , I regret not being able to respond before, I am glad that the document is helpful in some way, I really do not know what may be happening in your case because I do not have other information that you provide. Currently I do not have the DD7002B reason why I can not perform other additional tests, but I remember some key points to keep in mind:

  1. I communicated with the bridge through a USB-TTL converter and two TTL-RS485 converters (as you can see in the photo) because using a single TTL-RS485 converter presented me with inconveniences and was the main problem for the communication.
  2. The sending of the data must be in text format (ASCII) not in HEX.
  3. Verify the bridge direction. (command! 000V;)
  4. Really I do not remember if it is also necessary to send the feed line characters after the character ( ; )

Hi everyone,
We have a new integration option via UDP, I created a GitHub repo so we can build some community around integration with this bridge. Contributions are welcome

@Gabriel_F_Moretti there is a new firmware update and this now works.

@fearandloathing Thanks very much! Its works. apparently it was a firmware error from them. It worked on version 0.8.0.