Window Opener using horizontal actuator

(Dan) #1

My goal is to open my windows at 2am in the morning and turn on the whole house fan during the summer while I’m sleeping. Most automated window openers I’ve googled aren’t horizontal sliding.
I assume this can be done with an arduino and something like this:
I’m curios though if some company has already made a device package to fit this requirement?
Otherwise does anyone out there have experience with actuators and recommendations for the correct kind/model. My window has up to 30" of travel and takes 7lb’s of force to slide.


This looks like a @JohnR project. :blush:

Glass Windows can be tricky, though: a lot of people reinforce the frame with something shock absorbing to reduce the risk of cracking the glass.

(Mike Maxwell) #3

Check these guys out:
Firgelli Automations
I used their actuators to build my monster TV lift, if you can’t find what you need from them it probably doesn’t exist…


Rollertrol is also a popular option for window actuators. They say their slider actuator can be used for vertical or horizontal sliders. (They have both roller shade controllers and heavier duty window openers.)

They also say they work with SmartThings, FWIW. Might be worth a look, anyway.

(John Rucker) #5

Humm, I would bet he has several windows to open and close and one actuator / controller per window would get very expensive.
This is doable with my controller as long as the actuator can run to its limit switches. I’m currently adding object detection based on current spike in the actuator motor. So if there is an object in the window when it closes it will detect it, back off, and send the lock cluster’s door ajar attribute back to SmartThings.

(Dan) #6

Do you have a link to the actuator you use?

(John Rucker) #7

Its a Duff-Norton LT25-1-300 Granger has them$smthumb$

It may be way overkill for what your wanting to do. This thing is designed to work in harsh environments (sub freezing temps to 100+)

(Mike Maxwell) #8

OEM actuators from these guys:

Half the price vs Granger…