Will we have an edge lan driver to control wled?

another question… how would be the discovery or creation of a new device using the wled driver?

This will require more functionality to be added. Right now - just as the DTH version- this only sends commands TO the WLED server and does not act on any data received from WLED.

It can be done - just requires more development.

If you want to have multiple devices, that could be done. Do you have multiple WLED servers?

I could add a button to create a new WLED device.

it would be perfect

I have about 8. Almost all leds tapes I have here use wled


There is a new driver available which should fix the automation issue, plus add a ‘create new device’ button so you can create multiple devices.

Because of these changes, you will have to delete any current devices and uninstall your current driver first. Then do a fresh install of the updated driver. Be sure that you see the ‘create new device’ button on your device details screen - that’s the way you will know you have the correct new driver.

perfect… I’ll do the tests here and I’ll tell you.

Just so @w35l3y is aware, what I had to do to fix the automation issue was make some tweeks to the wledeffectmode capability, so I’m currently using my own version: partyvoice23922.wledeffectmode2. I’m still using valleyboard16460.httprequestpath

Do you have these codes available in some public repository ? I am really curious about the tweeks you had to do.

Not yet, but I will upload it once I hear back from @niquini that this version is working all OK.

Custom capabilities are a major pain - there are many bugs, and the documentation isn’t always accurate. I’ve only been able to get certain problem-capabilities to work with help from the SmartThings team. In this case, I made some changes based on what I’ve been able to get working before.

Be aware that I also had to generate my own vid, not only because of the different capability, but also because the ‘type’ should be ‘profile’ for Edge drivers.

You can take a look at my capability and presentation definitions at:


Current vid:


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as soon as I get home I’ll run the tests with the automations and let you know. :relaxed:

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sorry for the delay in responding. It is perfect. Automation with effects now works and no more network problem. The path doesn’t make much sense because it is a configuration, is it possible to remove it from the automations and leave only what is actually used in the routines? The status also when physically triggers did not come in this correct adjustment? No longer is he perfect.

Yes, I could remove the path from being an option to set in automations, but are you sure that it would never be useful to have this option? I don’t fully understand how WLED works but see there are a large number of possible parameters. Wouldn’t you want to be able to set other parameters in a automation routine?

I’m afraid the English translation here does not make sense. Can you please ask again another way?!

EDIT: I think maybe you are talking about when you make a change to your lights outside of SmartThings. You mentioned before that you wanted the SmartThings device to be updated automatically in those cases. I’ve looked at the API documentation and there is a couple of ‘notification’ parameters you can send (&RN, &SN), but there is no explanation of how these work, or what data is returned. I’m not even sure this option has anything to do with receiving state updates from WLED. References all seem to be about synching between led strips. I searched for more info, but could not find anything. And without physically having one of these things, I can’t do any experimenting. So until we can find more information, I can’t implement this feature and it may not even be possible.

as the path doesn’t interfere at all, I think it can keep it being for advanced automations using api. On the other subject is what you edited later. The return of status. Would you have a nodemcu there? Very simple to add the firmware to it to use wled so I could see it working

I’m afraid I don’t; nor do I have LED light strips.

So we may have to leave this project as-is for now. I will get it uploaded to GitHub and maybe someone else can extend the functionality.

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Perfect. I just have to thank you for your work.

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For everyone interested in the project, here is the github link:

I have removed this driver from my test channel. It is now available on my regular shared channel: SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.


Hello @TAustin How is everything? Initially I wish you a great 2022 and thank you for everything you’ve been doing for the ST community.
Now to the subject: Would you be able to develop a LAN driver for Yeelight’s lamps?

I believe it is possible. I don’t know if auto-discovery could be supported as these bulbs don’t use the standard multicast port. I’d have to see if the Edge platform would support the port they use. If not then the IP addresses for each bulb would have to be configured by the user, which would be painful! And they’d all have to be static.

I don’t have one of these bulbs, so would have to get one first to test with.

Please find out how many other folks here would be interested in this: Post Requests for Edge Drivers Here (community-created)


Hello, thanks for the attention to reply!

I have a few yeelight products (first generation warm/cold white light, bedside lamp 2 and screenlight bar) and I can test them if I wanted to try developing.

As I understand it, the port they use is 55443.

About configuring manually, I don’t think it’s a problem, given the great gift of local control…

And about static IP, I think almost every router has this option these days. Here in the case practically everything is with static IP.