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Will SmartThings have a future? (2019)



Since the original poster was specific to SmartThings, I think we should leave this thread to that. There are already lots of threads on IOT adoption rates and the general future of IOT, so general discussions can go in one of those. :sunglasses:

Here’s a good one which is quite recent:

And another good one, although older. (And which you yourself started, btw. :wink: Why don’t you update that for 2019 with some new thoughts?)

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #22

Samsung is focusing on the platform in the short-term, and Bixby (AI) in the long term.

They expect Bixby AI to make smart home trivial for DIY consumers.

(Glen King) #23

Then I shall expect that from them too. Because Samsung has such a wonderful track record of fulfilling expectations.

(Todd Basche) #24

I have automated my securoty system and many lights, sprinklers, sonos etc.
The real winner in Home Automation is likely to be Amazon. They have 10,000 people working on Alexa. They have voice input, nice speech command structure. They ride on the back of all the zwave and wireless protocols and devices. They can make the next Alexa a home hub that runs locally amd they are the winner.
Alexa is in 100x more homes than smartthings. Samsung is being disrupted by Alexa.


More like make 1,000 new products every year, throw them at the wall and see what sticks (or doesn’t catch fire).

Very disillusioned customer here.


I agree. The latest version of the Alexa app has leapt in front of ST in terms of UI experience in my opinion.

ST/Samsung are just not delivering. How a company with such resources can screw up so bad would be comical if it did not impact so many paying customers.


They already have a hub that runs locally in the echo plus an echo showed second generation. For zigbee devices. And they are working on local voice controls, although it will be very limited initially.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #28

Samsung has a record of screwing up, badly, from time to time; And yet they survive as one of the biggest and most successful appliance and tech companies in the world.

  • Top market share of televisions (20% overall, and 44% in TVs over $2500 segment.)
  • Top (or neck & neck w/Apple) market share of smartphones.
  • Top market share in the USA in large home appliances (19.5%), including the only refrigerator with a built-in large screen … running SmartThings and “family hub functionality”.

It is extremely likely that Samsung can acquire a substantial portion of the consumer smart home market; unless they decide to abandon the segment. But they won’t: They know that the world of the “Jetson’s” is coming and that if Samsung want to retain their lead in TVs, Phones, and Appliances, then they must become a strong smart home player.

As has been said many times on this forum: They aren’t screwing it up - because they haven’t even started yet. SmartThings is an extended Beta product. Samsung is a patient company. They can win a significant or even the biggest segment when they decide they are ready to win the segment. I’m 100% certain that are fully and consciously aware that they are not yet ready. This is deliberate. They don’t need this product line to be profitable, as it will help continue their profitable leads in their other products.

They know that “Customer Service” for DIY smart home at this moment in history is futile. It’s a waste of resources. SmartThings customers are just “market research” (and AI research, and IoT Cloud research).

They know that Bixby isn’t ready. They know that the “foldable screen phone” isn’t ready.

Never rule out the tortoise. - Remember that Apple was floundering badly until they released the iPhone - knocking previous market leaders like Nokia and Motorola outta the field.

(Duccio) #29

It’s not what Samsung can do, it’s more what’s doing compared to what they could do.

If it were a small startup in some remote part of the world, I’d be super-enthusiastic about what they’ve achieved so far. But it’s Samsung, a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. They can have an “Alexa-sized” development team, if they want to.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #30

My presumption is: They can WILL have an “Alexa-sized” development team, if WHEN they want to.