Will integration with IFTTT ever be more useful?

it’s so limited, will there ever be more “this” items added for use?

example… Smart Home Monitor events… even enabled, disabled, away, alarm active?

You can use it now to respond to pretty much anything that smartthings can do, but you have to use a virtual switch as a proxy.

If you just want something simple like a Mode changing, you can use the following method:

For anything more complex, use webcore to turn on the virtual switch. :sunglasses:

A lot of the integration you’re looking for might also be possible with Webhooks in IFTTT and WebCore here in ST.

I use WebCore to tap into a bunch of things that IFTTT and Stringify can do that ST’s can’t. No virtual switches necessary. Make a webcall directly from WebCore to ST to trigger your applet.

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i know all about webcore, but my yeelight lightstrip isn’t supported by smartthings so it doesn’t help me. I was looking to use IFTTT to make the lightstrip change colour depending on an action.

The actions available in any given IFTTT service are completely up to that individual company. So you would need to be talking to Yeelight about this one. It’s up to them to make the lightstrip available through their channel.

i find it usefull for two thing,’

alexa trigger find my phone

and having it flash lights when alexa timer goes off

Didn’t know about this one. Thanks!

I tried in the days before I had ST and then when I first got ST but it’s just too laggy and unreliable to be of use to me. I have turned just about all my IFTTT stuff off.

I use this one for cooking all the time. I don’t hear the Alexa timer if I have the TV on, but I will see the blinking light.