Why can't I view more than 200 events in database?

I need to view smartlock entry data from three months ago, but I am only able to list events for my lock for the past 7 days or 200 events in the drop-down options. What happened to my older data and is it possible to retrieve it? This seems like an important feature for security oriented devices. I’m trying to check up on a contractor who said he was in and out of my house on a particular date and I need to verify it but cannot get back far enough in the data.

SmartThings only keeps 7 days maximum data. If you want to keep more, you need to periodically download it yourself or use a data collection SmartApp to send it to another service such as InitialState. This limit is to help protect your privacy. SmartThings is not a “data storage” system. There are plenty of services available for long term IoT history.

I don’t know about the 200 event limit. That may be a limit of the UI, or the limit might be the lesser of 7 days or 200 events.

Disclosure: I am co-founder of ActionTiles. We have numerous requests to provide event history related features as a part of, or add-on function to our web-app for SmartThings. These features are under consideration, but we have no timeline or commitment to deliver.