Why can’t I add Ring Cameras as motion sensors to SmartThings Home Monitoring?

I’ve been resetting up my SmartThings hub in my new house after 6 months or so with it all in a box due to a period of living with my parents. In that time things seem to have changed dramatically!

My big question though is why can I no longer add the motion sensors on my ring cameras to be sensors in home monitoring? If I can’t add them directly I can’t seem to get it to respond to simulated sensors either. Have things changed that much?

I just tried and I was able to add the motion detector from my Ring Camera to STHM with no issues.
I was using an Android phone.

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Hmm… I’m in iOS and I have them as devices I can use as triggers etc, but it tells me I have no sensors available. I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong. I’ll have a play

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Which exact Ring model?

Oh I worked it out. I saw a different community post that suggested deleting and reinstalling STHM, and when I did that it worked as expected. Thanks for your interest though - appreciate that there are helpful people like you around!

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