Where to buy smart on/off in wall switches?

Hello everyone. I am a new Smartthings user and this is my first post here. I have started to automate lights and motion in my house and things are looking pretty good so far. I find Smartthings to be very reliable most of the time.

When looking for switches to buy, I notice that there are primarily two brands that keep coming up in my searches: GE and Linear. I also noticed that several major retailers have these items out of stock or in very few quantities. Is that an indication for next generation of switches coming out? or I am looking at the wrong brands? Any recommendations on which switches to buy and from where?

Thank you!

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Some manufacturers are readying Z wave plus models, so you may see some short stock for the older zwave classic models. But in general you should be able to find things.

See the following FAQ for a list of vendors (this is a clickable link)

And this thread should also be of interest. The light switch discussion starts about 30 posts in.

Nortek is one of the largest manufacturers of Z wave devices in the US. They sell under many different brand names. “Linear” is the brand sold to contractors. The exact same devices are sold at retail under the GoControl brand, and may be easier to find that way.

I order the GE from Amazon. Got about 30 of them over the past 2 months but you need a neutral wire.

Dimmer - GE Z-Wave Smart Dimmer, In-Wall, 12724
Switch - GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control On/Off Switch, In-Wall, 1272
Fan - GE Z-Wave Smart Fan Control, In-Wall, 12730
Aux (for 3 of 4 way control) - GE Add-On Switch for Z-Wave Lighting Controls, 12723

Probably cheaper and better ones out there and even with the new Z-Wave Plus but these have worked perfect for me so I am sticking with them.

+1 for what rontalley said. I’ll probably hold off on buying more until the Z-Wave + become more prevalent.

Wow… this community is so active! Thanks for all the responses. Really appreciated!

I guess since my main use cases are addressed, I will wait until the major retailers like Amazon start stocking up on ZWave Plus devices. Thanks again guys.

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The GE switches are nice, but cost almost $40. The Zooz switches are of the newer Z-Wave Plus variety and a lot cheaper. Can get them for $25ea from @TheSmartestHouse.
You can get paddle style and toggle. Both also come in On/Off and Dimmer varieties.

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Any recommendations for ones that DON’T need a neutral wire? Half of my house is BX.

Lutron is the best, but doesn’t integrate directly with SmartThings.

Other than that, pretty much your best choice is to use an in wall micro that you can place where there is a neutral.

Cooper still makes a zwave switch that doesn’t require a neutral, but it’s only rated for incandescent bulbs.

See the FAQ

The new Fibaro micro dimmer 2 does not require a neutral and you can install it behind your existing in-wall switch. Plus it can act as a scene controller too. You can read more about it here: http://www.thesmartesthouse.com/blogs/the-smartest-blog/fibaro-z-wave-plus-dimmer-2-fgd-212-review

And here’s a great custom device handler by @erocm1231 that lets you dig into advanced settings: [RELEASE] Fibaro Dimmer 2 (US)


The Fibaro two is a really interesting device, but it’s only rated for use without a neutral if you are using it with incandescent bulbs, which is not what most people in the US are looking for.

NO neutral needed if used with incandescent bulbs (no LEDs or CFLs)

Just like the wall switches (Other than Lutron, which uses its own patented technology) that don’t require a neutral, performance with LEDs is unpredictable.


+1 on JD’s comment about using the in-wall micro switches. Basically, if there isn’t a neutral at the switch, there HAS to be one at the fixture. Put the micro switch up there and keep your existing switch. Works pretty well.

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Off the wall question:

I was under the impression that the neutral wire simply powered the z-wave/zigbee. If this is correct, couldn’t you use any neutral wire? Case point: I have a switch box with no neutral, but on the back side of the wall there is a switch box with a neutral. Could I run a pigtail from that to the box without the neutral?

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding the neutral.

Well. In theory you could do that. Down that in such a way that complies with code might be difficult. And if they are on different circuits, that could be an issue too.


Ah yes, I neglected to think about being on a separate circuit. I’ll need to check that and also check code with someone “in the know”. Excellent points sir.