When will 3rd party developers be able to work with this


joaomgcd who creates great plugins for Tasker is currently having AutoVera app as beta. This is a plugin for Tasker and instantly connects miscaverde ( i think it is) with with the full power of tasker and android. This meeans that one can voicecontrol, set schedules and control on every possible context without having to wait for that funtionality in the android smart app. Is there apis etc that makes it possible for developers such as Joaomgcd to create such plugins for Smartthings as well?

Short video of Beta


Hey @m203,

Check out this thread: http://build.smartthings.com/forums/topic/interested-in-tasker-voice-control-and-nfc-for-android/

It’s coming… not sure when, but it’s coming.

Thanks for the link love @chrisb!

@m203, I’ve gotten Tasker, and Joao’s AutoVoice plugin working REALLY well with SmartThings. @megapixel is working on a blog post that he says should be up soon to demonstrate how to access the app endpoints. This is the functionality I’ve been using with Tasker and it works great. Hopefully he’ll have something up soon, and if needed I will post a follow-up tutorial on how I set everything up to work with Tasker and AutoVoice.

In the meantime, you can also check out the SmartThings Developer Office Hours from 9/11/13 where I give a short demo of my setup.