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What's the wildest smart home gadget you've seen?


Here’s the most creative smart-ish thing I’ve seen.


(Tyler Durden) #2

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #3

Security drones that are launched to investigate and document intrusions.

Heck ya.


My favorite in this category is the Naran Prota Push microbot. As the company says, it’s a tiny robot finger. All it does is push a button on command. (Or pull one up if you stick Velcro on both parts.) but it’s a way of adding smarts to older devices without having to do any rewiring.

I have one on a small blender which has a button which is particularly hard to press for me (I’m quadriparetic) and another on the eject button on my very old DVD player, which didn’t have an automatic eject button at all.

They’re popular for people who have a fancy coffee maker that they just love that which needs a physical push to start.

They’re not cheap: about $240 for the starter set (bridge and three microbots), but they’re engineered well, have their own IFTTT service/channel, and solve a problem that can be very difficult to solve another Ways.

You might also take a look at the “impress your friends” project reports list in the community – created wiki. There’s a lot of very cool stuff there. :sunglasses:

(Robin) #5

For a laugh I rigged a relay so I can activate the bidet on my smart toilet using an Echo Dot.

“Alexa, turn on butt wash”

If I ever get around to installing EcoSistant I’m sure I can make it more intuitive.

“Alexa, wash my butt”

One day I’ll fit another relay so I can blow dry too!!

Also thinking about hooking up the heated seat (warm up when I get out of bed etc) and pressure sensors (flash lights if spending too long).

You may all laugh but it’ll pay for itself in paper savings within a year!!



(Realy Living Dream) #7

I’ve been making that argument to the boss for years. No go, still doing it by hand.


I was joking with a friend about asking Alexa to wipe my butt. Just curious which bidet do you have?I think I have to have this capability.

(Robin) #9

Not an easy hack… I got some of the controls working through a Logitech harmony hub, but it wasn’t practical having the hub in the bathroom.

I ended up soldering new wires into the PCB behind the switches and using Fibaro relays to simulate button presses, with the relays hidden away inside the toilet boxing.

(Amauri Viguera) #10

There’s a block of wood that you can connect to the internet now.

So yeah.

(Tom Guelker) #11

One thing I found in the Marketplace is a device called CoopBoss. It is no longer in production, since production was one man. What it did was open the chicken coop door at a certain time in the morning and close it at a certain time at night. I can’t remember if it used a motion sensor in case a straggler was outside the coop when the door closed, easy prey for the big bad wolf.