What's the trick to fixing phone presence sensing?

Both my wife’s phone and mine report us as being present nonstop, even when we’re away. Is there a way to fix?

Restart he phone and then open smartthings, that usually works for me.

Thanks, but that didn’t​ work. It says I arrived over a month ago.

Log out of the app completely and log back in. If that doesnt work I’ve had to remove the presence device and reconnect it.
To reconnect do the following:
Add thing - add manually - sensor - presence sensor - mobile phone

When mine have gotten stuck in the past I’ve had to delete and re-add the mobile phone presence devices.

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I stopped using direct phone usage a long time ago because of this. I use life360, which had been great. But here lately, even life360 has been lagging to the point I have to kick start it.

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I’ve been using Tasker and Sharptools for my phone, it’s been rock solid. My wife’s phone is using the stock ST presence and it’s hit or miss.


Any links for using Task and Sharptools?


Any ios alternatives to tasker and/or sharptools?

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Removing and readding device appears to have worked for me.

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Yup this works, presense will randomly stop working in a month or two [again] so you will need to rinse and repeat.

So I’ve been using the mobile presence feature since I bought the ST hub. I have 4 family members and we are all on iPhones. The mobile presence works flawlessly for 3 of the 4 people pretty much without fail. One phone though is erratic and problematic. I’ve double and triple checked the settings and it matches my phone fine. Finally last night I got tired yet again of the alarm not arming when he left for school. I checked his settings last night and and they still looked good so I uninstalled the app and removed him as a user from my phone. I rebooted his phone, added him as a user again from my phone, reinstalled the app and logged in. Lastly I rebooted his phone again. Now ST doesn’t see him at all coming or going. In fact ST doesn’t even appear in the list of apps using or able to use GPS or location. So who the heck knows what is going on. I gave him a ST presence sensor keyfob as a backup. That does seem to work well noting when he leaves but its a little more sketchy on arrival. The phone would note arrival about a block away but the keyfob would often not trigger till walking in the door or standing at the door. So I don’t know what the best solution is anymore. I’m about to hard wipe his phone as a last ditch effort.

Anyone have any suggestions aside from ditch the Apple for Android :wink:

There is Life360 you can try as an option for detecting presence. Info can be found in this thread on detecting presence.

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