What's the options for motion sensors compatible with smartthings?

A bunch of my current Smartthings motion sensors have begun to deliver a bunch of false positive readings, which is really annoying when they are connected to turning on the lights.

So I’m looking at replacing the sensors. What sensors on the market work well and are compatible with smartthings?

Cheapest and smallest foot print that work really well are the Lowe’s Iris V2. If anything they are too sensitive. If you have even a small cat your lights will be turning on a lot. They can be found around $20 ea

Monoprice . GoControl Z-wave work well, but are not as fast as the ZigBee models.

For all the bells and whistles you can go up to the Aeon or Fibaro and spend $50-$60 ea.

Which is best depends entirely on your personal preference and where/how you are going to use it,
I have 6 different models or motion detectors, and really can’t say any one is better than the others. With the exception of Fibaro and Aeon having more than just temp & motion .


You could also try this smartapp by @Mike_Maxwell

Smart Zone motion detector (Zone Motion Manager) 2.1.0 release:

It’s an incredibly useful app and could really help to eliminate the false positives, Infact I would recommend it even if your sensors were working fine!

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Ideally I would want a sensor that works in Europe, and something I could import to Scandinavia, so sadly Monoprice is out of the question.

I’ll see if I can figure out how to use that tool, and hopefully it will work. It’s super annoying having false positives in the entryway, since lights just pop on out of nowhere.

Sorry, but I have 0 knowledge about the availability of devices in Europe, other than Fibaro ( just because most online sellers are based/ship from there) . You may be better off asking in the UK/Ireland section.

where do i “find” them for that wonderful price?!

I’m in the UK and am also getting false positives.
Here are my findings.
ST motion sensors and Fibaro Motion Sensors giving false positives.
Phillips Hue Motion Sensor and Orvibo not giving false positives.
As you can probably guess I have been going through the various manufacturers to find the most reliable.

It looks and sounds complicated until you wrap your mind around the state transition diagrams for the three zone options, after that it makes sense…

Hi Mike.
Is this a smartapp or a device handler?
I cannot get it to install as an app but I can as a DH.
Haven’t tried doing anything with it yet.

It is a smart app, that creates child apps and one virtual
Motion detector for each zone.
So you need to publish the parent app (zoneMotionManager), the child app (zoneMotionChild) and the custom device type (simulatedmotionsensor)
Then from the market place you install the parent app. After which you begin creating your zones via the smart app in the automations tab in the mobile app.