What's best for ductless units....sensibo or flair puck

Hi guys. I have 6 daikin ductless units in my house that also do heat. I am wondering which of the above works best with smartthings & ductless units themselves. Thanks for your input.

Have you tried searching the forum? There are bunch of articles in here about them.

There’s a free integration available for sensibo, works fine for my window a/c units.

There’s an integration for flair too, I haven’t tried it yet because it’s not free. I might when the weather gets warmer and we’re using the a/c’s again.

I have searched the forums and that’s why I asked the question. I see positive and negative reviews but I have not seen anyone who may e was able to compare both. Both items are expensive and I have 6 ductless units but I guess I’ll just keep searching until I’m ready to make a purchase.

I thought the flair smartthings integration was free.

Last time I checked, around September or so, the only integration with Flair was written by @yvesracine, and you have to purchase a license to access his device handlers on his website.

Which integration are you referring to?

I think that was the thread for flair integration that I read up on. I didn’t know he charged for it.


The only Flair-SmartThings integration is the following one:

And, it’s been approved by Flair as indicated here by Daniel Myers (founder) here:

Given the amount of work involved, there is no other ST integration (and there will never be another one under the current ST platform)…

I ask a small contribution to the code as it took me more than 6 months to design, develop, and test the Device Type Handlers (My Puck, My Flair Vent, My HVAC Unit DTHs)…


I was not talking about the cost for the dth. You have every right to charge for your time and effort. I was talking about the actual devices…flair and sensibo. Both are new products and not all the reviews have been great. I like the flair because it looks sleek iiim and uses batteries but the sensibo I think is just a better design…I really don’t know because the review base for both products is small. I will say I sent a email to flair support with a couple of questions and they never responded. That’s poor service on their part.

As for paying for the dth…I have no problem with paying for it.

@yvesracine I do have a question…does your dth work with alexa?

Hi, there are several users under my thread who have been using the Flair devices… You can ask
@theCMack for example as I know that he’s been using a lot of flair devices at his home.

I myself have few flair devices and they have been working as expected so far. I haven’t had any issues with them except that pairing a HVAC unit (split/portable heater/cooler) is not always easy as Flair uses IR codes to control them.


Yes, My Flair DTHs work with Alexa and if you integrate them with the Ask Alexa smartapp, there are even more features (like voice summary reports for past day/week).

Refer to my thread:

P.S. To control your units in a structured & smart way, you’d need my zoned heating/cooling solution which has been customized for controlling My Flair devices with the concept of rooms/zones/schedules.

For more details, refer to


For example, the zoning smartapp can automatically turn on/off your window/split unit or portable heater/cooler or any slave thermostat inputted or modulate the fan speed according to the temp differential in the zone…