What to put in place of switches when using Smart Lights?

Hey everyone,

I’m having trouble finding what I’m looking for – was hoping I could get some guidance from the community.

I put several Sylvania RGBW lights in my ceiling, but I need something to replace the switch on the wall. Ideally with on/off plus dimming, but I think at this point I’d be OK with just on/off.

Something like the Philips Hue Wireless Dimmer switch or the Lutron Pico would be perfect – only those are for other ecosystems. I think Sylvania makes a dimmer remote but it’s pretty ugly and conspicuous. “Scene Controllers” tend to be pretty ugly and have 4-6 buttons. Are there any other options? Am I searching for the right terms?

Having a ton of trouble because searches for “Wireless Dimmer Switch” mainly returns results for wireless switches that control dumb lighting circuits.

Thanks in advance!

There’s an FAQ for this which should be helpful. There are a number of different options. :sunglasses::bulb: ( This is a clickable link)

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Also, there’s another FAQ which just lists remotes and buttons that work with SmartThings . Both handheld and wall mount. So you can just go straight to that if you want:

Lutron Connected Bulb Remote

Are you looking for something like this. It’s a battery powered switch that you stick on the wall.

Thanks JDRoberts for the links – it’s a lot to sort through but very helpful.

Jimxenus – the Eaton does look to be roughly what I’m looking for. I was hoping for a slightly less conspicuous switch but it’ll have to do.

Unless the Linear WT00Z will work – anyone know if I can I pair that to a virtual switch without a master switch? (or better, virtual dimmer?) I am a programmer by trade, so even if it requires some customization I’d be happy with that solution.

Thanks for the help everyone!

FWIW I use that lightify remote installed over one of my wall switches that controls four cree connected bulbs in my bedroom. Is it noticeable? Sure. But I don’t think it looks that bad. And you’re gonna have to put something over the switch that controls the circuit your smart bulbs are on anyway, or I guarantee you someone in your house will keep using the switch at the wall; if the switch is ever turned off your smart bulbs are useless for automations or controlling remotely.