What to get for 3 way dimming?

Hi There!
I was looking around here and found some diagrams on installing z-wave 3 way dimmers.
I am looking to get the GE 12724 dimmer and the GE 12723 add-on on/off switch.
I am just concerned about rather I need a neutral at the master dimmer (GE 12724), because I don’t have a neutral at that socket.

See my diagram below. Thank you in advance for your help!

Could someone tell me rather my proposed state would work?

You need a neutral for that switch. Unless you have k&t wiring (very unusual in the US unless your wiring is over 80 years old) there’s a neutral in the wall somewhere, but you may need an electrician to fish it out for you.

Cooper makes one that doesn’t require a neutral, but it will only work with incandescents. (There’s an older GE that doesn’t need a neutral, but it’s been discontinued.)


These days if you want a networked switch, you’re much better off with a neutral.

When I installed my switches all but one location had a neutral wire. In that one location I was able to “steal” a neutral wire from an adjacent box for the opposite side of the wall. Is that a possibility for you?

Duh! I am out of luck then.
I just took off all of my condo’s switch covers (9 of them), and only has 4 boxes has neutrals.
The place is 15 years old, so I am pretty surprised not all the boxes has neutrals. :frowning:

I’m not an electrician, in fact, changing the first few switches scared the crap out of me that I was going to electrocute myself or burn down my house. The safest, but most expensive solution, is to hire and electrician to solve the problem for you. I do recall seeing stuff online that gave other options when you don’t have neutrals. I don’t recall now specific options, but you can try googling it. Good luck.

It’s not uncommon for light boxes that are not networked not to have a neutral. And apartments make things more complex, as your lease may not allow for rewiring.

Smart bulbs are often a possible alternative, would they work for you?

Out of luck with GE but still doable with linear 3 way. Linear master at switch 2. Aux at switch 1.
Connect line to traveller 1. Connect neutral to traveller 2. Label the wires well for future reference.

If you want to stay with GE, you’ll have to use the previous generation of the dimmer switch (GE 45612) on the side without the neutral. Using a dimmer switch without a neutral means that you’ll have to use incandescent bulbs or LED bulbs that are specifically designed to be dimmed. Even if an LED bulb says it’s dimmable, it might flicker or not turn off. If so, try a different make or model bulb.

Hey guys, I have this 3 way wiring system pretty much thru out my home since it was built in 1970s. Any suggestions on how to wire a GE zwave smart dimmer and add on? I have figured out some other configurations but this one is giving me a hard time. HELP!!!

You can take a look at the FAQ. If you do have that setup, you’ll need to modify the wiring in each switch and light box but existing wiring will work.

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