What have you heard about VeraSecure?

Lol - Sorry about hijacking the thread from Vera. LOL, no I’m not, it’s a SmartThings community :slight_smile:

But unless Vera Secure can integrate all of my devices seamlessly or with the use of the plug ins, I’m not going to diving again without scuba equipment. ST has cost me enough sweat equity already. Ya, I do like the backup battery and the cellular (no choice of carriers tho - I have an issue with that). For me it’s primarily about being able to integrate all of my existing devices (stability does sound good tho) without the same pains that it took to get them all running on the ST platform.

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Oh ok. I didn’t know how much could be done. I know you have moved things from one to another, but didn’t know it was all or none.

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I’m going to assume based on this part of the article that the cost structure remains the same and if you already own a nest camera and are paying a subscription for one, then the additional camera costs would apply.

From article:

The subscription service has two tiers: a 10-day video history or a 30-day video history. The 10-day plan is $10 a month (or $100 a year) for the first camera and $5 a month (or $50 a year) for the second camera. The 30-day plan is $30 a month (or $300 a year) for the first camera and $15 a month (or $150 a year) for the second camera.

If I could have the Nest integration from Abode and the battery / Cell backup from Vera and the stability of both brought into my ST world, it would be such a great place to live.

Alright, I spun up another topic.

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I was told differently :wink:


It’s not relevant to the original post so this is my last post on the matter, but if you look at my dates we’re saying the same thing.

Google may have shut down development, but as you say the cloud was maintained. At this point we’re just arguing over semantics.

I will contend that while Home Depot may have stopped taking orders, it took them a long time to clear out the inventory. I don’t recall the last date I saw the products on the end caps but it certainly wasn’t 3 years ago.