What are the actual Schedule limits?

In reviewing the documentation I found in one place it says that the limit on schedules is four and not enforced (Scheduling - Number of scheduled executions limit) and in another place it says a SmertApp is limited to six (SmartApp - canSchedule).

which is correct?
@slagle I have seen your name mentioned in posts related to this topic. Can you clarify the rules (and perhaps have docs updated)?


6 active schedules. It used to be 4 and then ST upped it to 6 (thanks @slagle)

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@RBoy thanks for the response.

I also received this response to my support request (posting here in case anyone else is confused before the docs get updated):

Hey Tony,

Thanks for reaching out!

Sorry for the confusion and mixup in information. I was able to get clarification from our end. It does look like the limit on schedules is six and will be enforced. I do see that you also posted in the Developer Community and RBoy advised, “6 active schedules. It used to be 4 and then ST upped it to 6.” We’ve noted this and will ensure we update the docs.

If there’s anything else that you need or have any further questions, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Jesus G.
SmartThings Support

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