Wemo Light Switch - Outdoor Security

Not sure if this is even possible, or if I’m even posting in the correct area, but here’s what I’m trying to do. I have 2 sets of security lights, with a set on the West and East side of my house. Each set is connected to a Wemo light switch. The security lights are from Home Depot and they have motion detection built in. If you quickly turn the lights off, then back on again, it puts the lights into manual mode and they will stay on until you turn them off. I would like for these security lights to turn on when I’m arriving home at night (via the geofence). The wemo switches already turn on after 6:30pm, but is there a way via an app to make the switch turn off then back on when I’m arriving home so all of the lights turn on without motion? Right now I can turn things on when I enter the geofence, but to make a switch do a double action is a whole other story!

I know I can bypass the internal motion and tie the lights to something like the Aeon MultiSensor as to control them easier, but that would mean I would need 4 MultiSensors by each light…pain in the assssssssss. Maybe that’s my only option.

Thanks all!