Water Furnace Geo Thermal System (Symphony)

Anyone have a Water Furnace GeoThermal system running their new web based Symphony system?

My dealer is trying to convince me to use it over an Ecobee thermostat but I don’t know if they offer an API so that I can write a device for it.

Just my 2 cents. I would choose ecobee3 over any other thermostat if is compatible. They look good, function good, support is good and they are pushing a new firmware update so that you can see the remote sensors on your app, web etc. version 3.6. @yvesracine has the device type and several SmartApps for it and can chime in for more details. Haven’t used it as my ecobee is hooked to AC only and installation by the HVAC guys and setting it up was a breeze.

I totally want to use the Ecobee3 for sure, but my HVAC guys are really dragging their feet telling me if it will work properly with my Geothermal system. I know it’s weird enough to be a headache & want to make sure it will work. Of course they are pushing their proprietary system on me so I need a backup plan :slight_smile:

Why don’t you give Ecobee a call and find out if it is compatible? I am sure they will respond back. Send them pictures too if your unit…

I’ve emailed them already, just waiting on a response.

I am deeply interested in this as I have a Waterfurnace system as well. The Symphony is too pricy for what it offers. The system uses a multiplexed data path from what I understand that makes it very difficult to use with normal thermostats.

If Ecobee3 can work with the system then I will certainly jump on that. I did email them along with other Thermostat people, and of course Waterfurnace, with no response from all but Honeywell, who stated they could not assure that their thermostat would work with the geothermal unit.

This may have changed in the past 5 months. So if you get word back from EcoBee please PLEASE let me know (SMILE)

Looks like the Symphony system is a closed API as well. Not happy with that. Getting so tired of manufacturers thinking they are the end all of everything (SMILE)

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Ok… I had no clue what a geothermal system was. I just googled and learnt about it. :slight_smile:

Hello @theedpope, @davglass,

Results are mixed about it… There are known incompatibilities between ecobee and waterfurnace.

See these threads from a more specialized forum:


Does Symphony address geothermal specific needs. The last I checked “smart” thermostats couldn’t handle geothermal. Nest, for example, is worse for a geothermal than a dumb thermostat. I’m using a dumb Honeywell for my geothermal but want a smart solution.

I’ve seen those posts, but I do not have an Intellizone system, that I know of. I’ve read a few that say it works perfectly without it but not much detail.

I’ve ordered one & I’ve called my WF HVAC tech & told him I have free beer if he comes & tries to install it for me :smile:

I told them I don’t mind being a “beta tester” for it, I just want ST control over my thermostat!

Symphony is designed by WaterFurnace to specifically control their systems.

I have a 5 Series model 500A11

From Ecobee:

Unfortunately, this system is not compatible with the ecobee.

I really hate that I’ll have to get a proprietary system (Symphony) to control my stat :frowning:

Symphony replied to my request for API access:

Mr. Glass,

Our Symphony system cannot be integrated into your existing SmartHome system. It is only compatible with the Aurora Controls that we offer in our 5 & 7 Series equipment and limited access to the 3 Series.

I may get one & sniff the network to see what it’s doing, maybe I can “hack” it a bit or programmatically access their web UI :see_no_evil:

Hello @davglass I have a series 7 unit here in VA. Like yourself I am looking for ways to automate it. Sadly the Waterfurnace people have made it very difficult to connect their units to existing HA.

The work with Symphony was done totally in house, so they are looking to recover the outlay of cash for R&D quickly. I had hoped they would follow the OpenHome format, but it appears that they have gone the protectionist route and are not including a public facing API.

I was thinking of doing the same, especially since the control is in the cloud. I would think you should be able to connect it up and wireshark the network traffic to the device.

Provided that it’s not using SSL I could :smile:

So I got another update from Ecobee, they asked for my serial number & are going to send me detailed info on what features they do & do not support. The primary one is the “variable speed function”. I’m not much of an HVAC geek so I’m uncertain what that actually means.

I’ll post back when I get the full details from them. My HVAC tech said they would try to hook it up for me to test it out. I’ll just be very careful unboxing it so it could be returned if it doesn’t work.

The crap part is that a Symphony system + install will run me ~$1k :frowning:

The variable speed compressor is a integral part of the Waterfurnace design. This could mean that you do not get some of the economic benefits from the Geothermal unit if what they are indicating is true.

Yeah, after hearing back from them I’m pretty much up a creek on it. I’ll have to use the proprietary Symphony system.

I received the same pricing from my dealer for Symphony as well. I was not pleased to say the least, when all I was looking for was an automated way to adjust the thermostats in the house. I am disabled, so while this is not needed often, it is not work the convenience fee of 1k

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The HVAC crew is installing my Symphony system today. Time to start hacking it!

It’s installed & functioning. I’m trying to see if I can get some info out of it.