Wanted: ST Arduino Shield

I have three thing shields I could part with.
Pm me if interested.

I have three available, pm if interested.


I would like to purchase one of them from you and have it sent to zip code 30028. Can you give me a price?



Inspired by your use of the ESP-01’s, I bought a few to play with. I have just released a new version of both of my “SmartThings” and “ST_Anything” libraries (v2.1) that support using the ESP-01 as a WiFi module for an Arduino MEGA. Next step will be to see if I can actually run my ST_Anything library directly on the ESP-01 the way I can with the NodeMCU v1.0 ESP-8266-12e boards.

Thanks again for sharing your work!



Tonight I was able to load one of my ST_Anything example sketches directly on to a ESP-01 board successfully! I have 2 GPIO pins happily transferring data to the ST Cloud via WiFi. Talk about a very low-cost solution! This is great! Thank you so much for sharing your ESP-01 experiences.

It definitely takes more work to get the ESP-01 wired up to be programmed as compared to the NodeMCU v1.0 ESP-8266-12e boards. But once done, it runs exactly the same, albeit with much more limited I/O.

Thanks again!


Great! I’m glad you got it to work… I’ve been meaning to test things out here but life got in the way :slight_smile:

You are correct… the ESP-01 is a bit of a bear to wire up but once you get it, it works smooth. I ended up putting reset and program switches on my mainboard and then a 5-pin header for the FTDI board so it is a bit more manageable.

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Hi All…

It’s me again… like a broken record …( Old School )

If anyone has an Arduino ThingShield available for sale, please let me know
still looking for a couple units.

Thanks Kindly


Hi Mike, have you sold your Arduino ThingShields? I would like to purchase 2 pieces if possible

my Email is : ben.wolodko@shaw.ca