Wall Switches?

Wall switch discussion starts around post 40 in the following thread:

BTW, all certified Z wave devices are listed on the official Z wave alliance website. Note, however, that a device being certified doesn’t mean it’s yet on the market, sometimes there’s a lag of 6 to 8 months from certification to full production. But if you’re looking for a particular type of device, it can be a good place to start.


I enjoy the toggle always being in central position. The light tells me if it’s in of off. I push up it clicks and turns on and back center. Push down clicks and turns off. Simple.

there is both for you as one is the light and the other is fan. They don’t offer toggle for fans.


I like the Leviton switches, although if I were buying today I would buy a Z-Wave Plus switch. The LEviton switches are nice, push it once the light goes on, and again it goes off. If it’s a dimmer switch then there is a rocker for brighter / dimmer. I probably have 15 of them, plus three scene controllers.