Voice control without the Internet?

I expect this is asked a lot but I can’t find a definitive answer…

I’m disabled and I want to use voice control for lights and other appliances. I can’t use alexa or similar because i dont want to be permanently connected tot he internet. I have a Samsung android phone, though.

Is there some way I can use a smartthings hub to control lights etc with voice commands?

Simply. No. Alexa or Google Home provides the voice control function.

Think of your system this way. You have devices. You have a logic processor that provides the interconnect and automation logic. (in this case, this is where ST fits) Then you want to add voice control to that. Samsung is creating Bixby to do this but it’s light years being the big three. Alexa, Google Home and Cortana and if/when it does come to mainstream it will work the same way they do.

There’s a tremendous amount of horsepower that’s required for voice processing and it’s no coincidence that it’s just now become commercially viable due to cloud computing.

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Are you trying to come up with a solution for yourself at home? Or for others in an inpatient setting?

Or both?


You can’t do it with SmartThings because there’s no way locally to get voice commands to smartthings. It all has to go through the cloud.

I’ve given you some other options that aren’t smartthings-based in your hospital thread.



With an android phone, you can probably get voice with the previous method I mentioned in the hospital thread, but unfortunately, your phone does not talk locally to the smartthings hub even if they are both on the same Wi-Fi. The phone has to talk to the SmartThings cloud, and then the cloud has to use the Internet to talk to the hub. Again, there’s no way that I know of to get voice commands locally to a smartthings hub. If your Internet is out, you don’t have app control of the hub, it’s just the way they designed it.

Manual, on-demand control of a device or SmartApp through the SmartThings mobile app always requires an internet connection to the cloud and cannot be performed locally.

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