Virtual toggling Switch for Ifttt

Hello, I’m not sure this is the correct area to post so I apologize if wrong. I’m trying to integrate Google home, Ifttt and STs to arm my SHM. I created a virtual switch that I can access via Ifttt which arms my SHM but then the virtual switch stays on. I would like it to trigger and then be able to be triggered again. I need a momentary switch like a button but it doesn’t seem Ifttt can access buttons. I may be over complicating this. Thoughts?


Just use a “momentary button tile” as your virtual switch. It acts exactly the way you want. Many people use them for things like representing modes or AV activities, so that the switch turns briefly on and triggers whatever you want triggered but then immediately turns itself off again so it is ready to be turned on the next time.

See the FAQ for details:

If for some reason that particular device type doesn’t work with Google home, you can use the “power allowance” option in the official SmartLights feature to have any regular binary on/off switch, including a virtual switch, turn itself off after one minute every time it is turned on.

There is a how to article in the community – created wiki on creating a virtual timer for a light which describes the set up process:

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Luckily Google home works with Ifttt for the trigger and Ifttt works with STs. It works exactly as I wanted. It isn’t triggering for some reason but it’s a toggle switch like I was wanting. On to troubleshoot.

Thank you!

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Google Home can interact with virtual switches on it’s own. Keep in mind that from Google Home’s perspective weather a switch, virtual or otherwise, is on or off, it doesn’t really care. You can ask it to turn on a virtual switch on that is already on and it will attempt to do so. I have a virtual switch that ties together various routines and can request that switch to be turned off or on regardless of it’s present state.

Thought I knew how to do this…apparently not. I have a tplink wifi outlet connected to ifttt. I have ifttt linked to webcore. I’ve created a simulated switch that I want to be able to press within the app to toggle the outlet. I can’t even begin a new piston because I can’t find an IF statement that allows me to choose my simulated switch as the IF… PLEASE HELP!

Have you authorised your simulated switch in webCoRE/IFTTT?

Not sure tbh…is it easy to do?

Open the ST app on your phone.
Opened the webCoRE app and then configure the device you have defined in the relevant section.
When you define a new device on your ST system it doesn’t automatically become available to IFTTT or webCoRE. You have to define it.

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