Virtual 3-Way Switch / Dimmer

Good morning smart things community,

I am trying to work through an implementation problem and wanted to see if you all could help.

I am needing to make a large number of virtual switches using the Leviton DZ1KD-1BZ dimmers. Due to the wiring in my house there are about 10 dimmers that need to be installed in a wiring closes and then I need to place the slave / accessory ends of the virtual 3 way switches at various locations in the house.

I was looking at using a aeon labs minimote to create an association between the master and accessory switches but it sounds like that will not work because the commands are not passed over the zwave network, the devices need to be in close proximity for direct connection.

I also looked at using the smart lighting app to create a hub controlled virtual switch but that does not support ‘chasing’ dimmer levels only on and off.

Are there any other custom smartthings apps or settings anyone can think of that would allow me to create a virtual 3 way switch where the commands are sent over the zwave network? I can live with a second or two delay.


There are many different custom smart apps that community members have created for exactly this purpose, to have one dimmer follow another. They have slightly different features because typically someone will create one for themselves and then share it with the community.

You can find these on the quick browse list in the community – created wiki on the lighting list in the smart app section. I think trendsetter is the most popular right now, but there are a number of others including “Dim and Dimmer” and “Dim with me.”

Another alternative is to use core, although the set up is more complex for that one. It does give you more options, though. :sunglasses:

If you haven’t used custom code before, it’s pretty straightforward. Basically you’re going to copy the author’s code and then paste it into your own account.

We should note, however, that the Leviton DD00R accessory switches cannot be used in this fashion as they do not have their own radio. They communicate with the master via physical traveler wires.

So for a virtual three-way like this you need to have an accessory which also has a radio. There are a number of these sold. The most popular is probably the linear/go control WT00Z-1, but there are some other brands as well. Or you can use another master which is not connected to the load. Or even a battery operated device. Anything that can talk to the smart things hub will work as the message gets passed from the auxiliary to the hub and then from the hub to the master which actually controls the light.

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Thanks JDRoberts! I am planning on using all DZ1KD dimmers, even for the accessory ends (just dummy / no load connection).

I am going to look into CoRE, I appreciate the direction.


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