Vinivt Element and CT 100 Thermostats

Hello, We just bought a house that had a Vinivt set up with the Element and CT100 thermostats. I am adding ST and want to control these thermostats and eliminate the Vinivt control panel. Anyone have a solution to accomplish this? thx

We would need more details to know exactly what the Vivint panel was set up to do, but as far as the individual CT 100 thermostats, those can just be reset and then added to a SmartThings account. :sunglasses:

No clue what the panel was set up to do. It was the VInivt color display. I removed it but still have it.

House has two thermostats one was the CT100 and other is the Element. All I really want to do is control the temp with my phone through ST.

What’s the model number for the element?

If it’s the CT200, There may be an issue because it’s using multi channel association, and smartthings isn’t great at that. And it may need custom code.