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VFAQ: Lighting Control Options for UK SmartThings

(Tim) #165

How did you get on with the Arteor range of switches and Fibaro dimmers?
I am about to invest in these and I would appreciate your experience.



2019 update

Two new devices are now available in the UK.

Neo coolcam makes both single gang and double gang UK style Glass switches which some community members are using. These models are Z wave, not Wi-Fi. They will connect directly to SmartThings.

And Phillips now has new designated partners who are creating switches that harvest the kinetic energy from the finger push (like the Hue tap), so they require neither batteries your wiring. Neither batteries nor wiring are needed. But you must have a hue bridge. They will definitely work with lights which are connected to the hue bridge.

It’s not clear yet whether they will be visible to smartthings, though, or whether you will be able to use them with the smartthings hubs directly once the hubs are updated for Zigbee 3.0. We will just have to wait and see on that. But if you have a lot of Hue bulbs, it will be a nice alternate means of control. Without having to worry about batteries or pressing an extra time to wake up the device .



(John Lockwood) #167

Came across Aurora A-ONE Zigbee lighting for the UK. See -^Smart%20Inside|Product%20Web%20Type^Dimmers&page=1&category=AOne™%20Control

Being Zigbee it would obviously work with Smartthings but they also specifically list such compatibility. Disappointingly they do not yet mention Apple HomeKit support. As they like Ikea and Philips Hue use a Zigbee gateway it should like them be possible to add HomeKit support via a software update to this gateway - if one could only get hold of a suitable person to explain this to. :unamused:

Unlike many smart light switches which are available in just a fixed configuration i.e. 1 or 2 gang, they also do a module. This might in theory make 3 and 4 gang options possible although they do not list a face plate for it. They also only do dimmers and not switches.

Still so far other than the approach of using micro modules and momentary switches this seems the best UK smart switch solution I have seen. The Lightwave RF one is too ugly and has limited permutations - especially for HomeKit compatible models.



That’s not a given.

FAQ: Zigbee Application Profiles, or why not all zigbee devices work with SmartThings

All of that said, the “works with smartthings“ program is an official certification program, and Aurora is one of the new members. But only for some of their devices.

And that certification doesn’t necessarily mean that all The features of a device will work out of the box with smartthings. Sometimes we just have to wait for community reports to find out.

Anyway, you can see the certified models on the official “works with smart things for the UK“ list. They are definitely attractive looking devices. So hopefully they will work well. :sunglasses:

And here’s a discussion thread for the aurora devices.



The zigbee piece doesn’t matter one way or another for HomeKit. It’s the Wi-Fi piece that matters.

And while it’s true that Apple now allows for software updates to create HomeKit integration, they still have to be able to handle the very significant WiFi encryption requirements, and that often takes more memory than an existing device may have available.

For example, a popular smart sprinkler company in the US, Rachio, was able to retrofit their existing generation three controllers for HomeKit, but not their generation two controllers, specifically because of the memory requirement. Other device manufacturers have had similar issues with retrofits.

Why doesn’t HomeKit work with Generation 2 or Generation 1 controllers?
The new Rachio 3 is our only smart sprinkler controller with hardware equipped to connect with Apple HomeKit.
For the last year and a half, a team of engineers has explored possibilities for fitting the HomeKit-required firmware onto the Generation 2’s processor memory. Ultimately, it was not possible to add HomeKit to Generation 2 controllers. Our Rachio 3 hardware has 4x the memory of Generation 2, making HomeKit connectivity achievable.