Verbally announce leak or fire detected and name of location?

Hi all,
I have a bunch of smart stuff in my house. What im missing is a way to get verbal announcements of issues. for example, i have about 10 leak sensors throughout my home, if say master bathroom faucet leak is detected i would love to have something in the house announce it, " leak detected master bathroom " is there an easy way to achieve something like this?

Have a look at BigTalker2:

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Thank You Tony,
I have heard of and attempted to use BigTalker in the past, it does work but its a, what i would call a deeper level integration requiring of installing ide components and stuff, what i am asking i guess is that does there exist a smart speaker that natively integrates with smartthings and can do the announcements. Sort of plug and play. buy speaker , pair with hub , then have smartthings app do the rest?

What TTS speakers do you have? If Alexa devices then take a look at EchoSpeaks.

webCoRE can easily send speak commands to devices that has TTS capabilities.

I’m trying to get Super Notifier to do exactly this activity.

Sure, assuming the devices are known to SmartThings, all you need is an echo dot. Or any echo device. :wink:

( “echo speaks” is a community created smart app which has a lot of fancy features, but you won’t need it for this. You can just use the official echo routines.)

See the community FAQ (the topic title is a clickable link).

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If you are looking for a solution that doesn’t require any community code, i think SMH (in classic app) maybe the only option, but not certain it fits your use cases. (I don’t use the new app so can’t comment on that.)

For speakers with native support, you would probably need a Sonos device.

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Thank You as well JDRoberts,
I will go out and get myself an echo to experiment with that. Too bad i have about 6 google home devices all over my home and there is no native way of doing it with google.

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Google may add something similar in the next few months. The two companies do tend to leapfrog each other in terms of features. :frog:

fingers are 100% crossed. I did, some months ago, find a way to make google home make announcements via some community code, but that requires a computer to run 24/7 + webcore and some other code but biggest issue was that all 6 of my google homes would scream out the same thing making it a little annoying.

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