Using SmartThings to control Echo

So I tried searching for this… but forgive me if its already been discussed…:

I’d like to include Alexa skills in a SmartThings routine, like “Alexa, turn on Party Time” and have my lights change and an Amazon Music channel start to play (among other things.)

Is this possible? Or something similar?

They way Alexa works means nothing can be pushed to it at this time. It has to be spoken to in order to initiate anything.

The only way I cna think of (and maybe not 100% reliable but I have tried it for fun…) is to have a speaker next to Alexa that speaks the command based on certain triggers (e.g. routine).

Also see this thread:

Have you looked at Ask Alexa? [RELEASE] Ask Alexa

Your subject line seems to indicate you want SmartThings to control your Alexa, but it would be the Alexa controlling SmartThings. While you can do the control with Ask Alexa, having it play music from your Amazon Library would require another command as the ‘skill’ can’t access the core pieces of Alexa.

Does that make sense?

i have this exact thing working using the following components

Amazon Alexa
Hue Disco App
Android Tablet

and this produces exactly as per this video with the exception i say Alexa Turn on Party Mode as “Party Mode” is the name of a virtual switch, tasker then does the rest

however is you used the following components for a purely Smarthings Solution this would work also

Amazon Alexa
Hue Disco App
Sonos (optional could plug amp into Tablet output instead)
Android Tablet (Preferably Wall Mounted)

then you could do the same easily