Using Motion Sensor as a light switch toggle?

Because of the way that motion sensors work, it’s quite difficult to do this toggle. A motion sensor has to have a certain period of time of inactivity before It can report activity again.

I myself am quadriparetic (use a wheelchair with limited and function) so I am always looking for a touch free switches. And I do use motion sensors for this, but I have one that is for on and one that is for off. It works for me, but it wouldn’t be very intuitive for anyone else.

There are a lot of other options, however. You can easily use a contact sensor ( Open for on, close for off)

You can use one of the battery operated switches which are available in the UK, including the popp and the Devolo.

You can use the very popular mood cube, which you have to build but is pretty easy, where each of the six faces of a wooden cube does something different with your lighting.

Here are a couple of threads with more ideas: