Using iOS iPhone AM PM scroller event time always sets to AM

Hi, first apologies if this is ongoing elsewhere, or has a solution herein somewhere, I have searched and found older threads with the same problem but found no solution, so… I am using iPhone 5S iOS 10 set to 12hr (AM PM) mode. Whenever I try to set a specific time anywhere in the SmartThings App I cannot set any time between 11:59am and 11:59pm. The scrolly time setting doodad on the phone works fine, but regardless of whether the last scroller is set to AM or PM, the App defaults to AM. I really don’t want to set my entire iPhone to 24hr format just to accommodate this one awkward App. I logged in to PC console hoping I could change settings there, but although I can view my routines I can’t find any way to change the values. Looks like my only option is to learn how to write apps, (fun and interesting, but I have more than enough on my plate already) and create my own custom SmartApp on the site with the actual time I want fixed into the code, which is a nonsense way of solving what should be a perfectly simple issue. Any ideas?

Try double tapping instead of sliding. This was a change with the last update of the mobile app, and there are a bunch of controls throughout the smart things mobile app which looks like sliders, but which won’t “stick” unless you double tap.

Hi, thanks for that suggestion, I have wiggled, jiggled, tapped, double-tapped, triple-tapped all to no avail. (annoyingly, I think I DID manage to set it to PM one time, though it was the wrong time and I couldn’t repeat it, so there may be a jiggery pokery technique or I may possibly have been hallucinating after about 97 hrs screentime) Anyhow, I set up the app on my old iphone and changed that iphone’s time to 24hr, this solved the problem, so it is clearly a problem with the SmartThings app not recognising ios’ 12hr time input. Interestingly, when I subsequently tried to adjust other values for the same routine back in my 12hr iphone, it returned a null value in the time slot that I had previously correctly entered on the 24hr iphone and wouldn’t let me reset it to PM again, so although using my old (24hr) iphone whenever I need to enter a PM time is a (rather clumsy) fix, I have to remember not to try to edit anything on my 12hr iphone that has been set this way or it bombs out again. NOT clever!

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Glad I found this as I thought I was going mad!

What a ridiculous bug!