Using Horstmann HRT4-ZW Thermostat and ASR- Switch

A little help if you would please.

I am migrating from Vera to Samsung Smartthings and all devices are working except I’m struggling with my HRT4-ZW thermostat and ASR-ZW switch. The HRT and ASR can work independently, ie no need for a z-wave hub but they use Z-wave to talk to each other.

I have installed a device handler by @brumster and can now switch the ASR on and off in the Classic app, which is really good news. but in the new app i get the message “Can’t Connect to Device. Check Device and try again”.

I have installed the device Handler for the HRT Thermostat from @meavydev and that partly works.

The first thing is the Thermostat work nicely with the Classic ST app but again with the new app I get the message “Can’t Connect to Device. Check Device and try again”. I’m sure that I have seen it working once in the new app but now I get this message every time.

The second issue is, in the old app when I turn the thermostat up in the old app to call for heat the ASR doesn’t switch. In fact at the moment even turning the dial on the HRT doesnt switch the ASR. I am fairly sure that with Vera I had to “Associate” the HRT with the ASR. In the classic app I can see “Associated z-wave switch network ID” but I’m not sure how I find the ID of the switch if that is what the problem is.

I have also found that if I exclude both the HRT and ASR from the Smartthings hub and then I pair (include) the ASR with the HRT thermostat turning the temperature above the room temperature on the stat switches the ASR on. As soon as I include the HRT with the Smartthings Hub this stops working.

Any ideas?

My device driver has the ability to associate a switch, as that’s what the helper app is for. I haven’t actually used it for years, so it’s quite possible that SmartThings have broken this functionality it the backend, as their testing can be poor for what they consider to be edge cases.
I can’t help with the new app, as I use the classic. However I haven’t had any notification that I should switch, so I’m not surprised things are broken in the new app, as officially we shouldn’t be using it until they say it’s ready…
I’m afraid I can’t give any more assistance with your particular device, as I don’t know it, but I’m sure you can follow its instructions to do a manual association if SmartThings doesn’t work.

@meavydev, Thanks for your reply. What I hadn’t spotted was the Helper App. I found it, installed it and now things are working.

Thanks for your help.

I’ve had no notification got move to the new app either.

Note that the app you talk about works for the switch but I gave upon on it based on the fact the switch goes into failsafe mode if it cannot see a thermostat which is annoying but makes complete sense.

I continue to have 4 of these working in my system without issue.

I’m still lost with this I’m afraid and would love some assistance.

I’ve installed the custom DTH.

Forgetting smartthings, here’s the general gist.

  1. thermostat and switch communicate well. I turn the thermostat up, the switch kicks in (which would activate the boiler if I had it connected (it’s just powered by the mains for testing right now).

  2. I attempt to add the thermostat to smartthings, using the custom DTH. This allows me to see the temp setting on the thermostat dial reflected in smartthings device, but two large issues:

(a) turning the wheel shows a changing temp in the smartthings device, but changing the temp on the smartthings device does not change the setting on the thermostat.

(b) whatever you do, either in the app or with the physical wheel, nothing seems to be able to make the ASR switch turn on nor off anymore.

It’s as if when it’s paired with smartthings, it can’t talk to the switch anymore.

Can anyone please help? I was really looking forward to playing with this !